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How to open the Beneviento grave in Resident Evil Village

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What’s inside the Resident Evil Village Beneviento grave? On your way back from House Beneviento you’ll notice a big grave with part of its plaque missing. None of the items you have on you will fit, but the object you need isn’t far away.

After a short detour you’ll be a step closer to a valuable piece of Beneviento treasure. However, you’ll have to retrace your steps to a previous area and take on a miniboss before you can claim your prize. Here’s how to open the Beneviento grave (so there are spoilers ahead) and get the treasure inside.

How to open the Resident Evil Village Beneviento grave

After defeating Donna Beneviento you’ll want to spend some time exploring the Garden area on the map. There are a few buildings to inspect, a Labyrinth puzzle to complete, and some valuable items in the surrounding area. Near the red door, you’ll find an elaborate grave that’s missing part of its inscription. While it feels as though you should place Angie here, there’s actually a different item that you need to find, and it’s back in the Graveyard.

Walk all the way back to the Graveyard and head to the tomb opposite the Goats of Warding shrine. If you check your map, you’ll notice that there’s a red line (which represents a door) here. The gates of the tomb were previously locked, but they’re now open and ready for you to retrieve what’s inside. Crouch down in the snow and retrieve the Broken Slab. Inspecting the item reveals that the name on the grave is ‘Claudia’, so let’s take it back to where it belongs.

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Retrieve the Resident Evil Beneviento treasure

Retrace your steps all the way back to the Beneviento grave, just past the Garden. When I arrived here, I encountered a big troll-looking enemy with a huge axe. He loves to jump from one side of the arena to the other and you’ll need to keep your distance to avoid the big swings of his melee weapon. You’ll also need to take care of a few smaller enemies here and there, but this fight isn’t too challenging. I placed lots of mines around the grave to used my pistol to down the miniboss. If you need some more help, you can easily defeat him by following James’ advice in his helpful boss guide.

Once the big brute is out of the way, head to the grave and place the Broken Slab in its rightful spot to complete the plaque. The grave will open, and you can pick up Berengario’s Chalice, a very valuable treasure that you can sell to the Duke.

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