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Where to find all the Resident Evil Village labyrinth balls

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There are four Resident Evil Village labyrinth puzzles that can be solved for all sorts of rewards that you can sell as you continue exploring Castle Dimitrescu. And considering the future baddies you’ll be facing and the gear you’ll need to take them out, you won’t want to miss these intricate statues.

As you’ll most likely see shortly after entering the castle, labyrinth puzzles first require you to find a corresponding ball. With that in hand you can drop it into the relevant labyrinth and tilt the model with WASD—while ensuring you miss any hazards that put you back to the start—until you get to the highlighted goal. That’ll open the locked drawer below to release your treasure. So here’s my Resident Evil 8 labyrinth ball location guide to help you find them all.

Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball locations

Labyrinth 1

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  • Labyrinth location: Connected to the Hall of the Four. The Duke appears here later on.
  • Flower Swords Ball location: Above the Opera Hall (2F)
  • Reward: Crimson Skull

Labyrinth 2

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  • Labyrinth location: Near the Garden
  • Sun and Moon Ball location: In a box on top of a headstone between the Suspension Bridge and Garden (opposite the labyrinth)
  • Reward: Onyx Skull

Labyrinth 3

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  • Labyrinth location: Outside, near the entrance to the Observatory. Clear the green slime to climb the yellow ladder and walk around.
  • Mermaid Ball location: In the same areas the labyrinth, past the door that requires a crank. Open the door and walk up the path. Circle back around to the left and the ball is in the candlelit shrine.
  • Reward: Chartreuse Skull

Labyrinth 4

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  • Labyrinth location: Opposite the Duke’s shop in Heisenberg’s Factory (B4).
  • Iron Horse Ball location: First find the Ball Mold in the Factory (located in a small room near the Ventilation Duct and Grinder Shaft in Heisenberg’s Factory, B2). Take the mold to the Foundry (Heisenberg’s Factory, MB4) to craft the ball.
  • Reward: Bister Skull
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