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How to find the elusive goats of Resident Evil Village

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Keen to find all the Resident Evil Village goats? You can find these wooden ornaments throughout the game, so if you want to avoid spoilers, don’t scroll too far down this page. Some of the Goats of Warding can be very difficult to spot, so you’ll need razor sharp vision to find them. 

There are twenty goats to find in total, and to be honest, I’m still missing a few, so I’ll update this guide as I discover more. Sadly you don’t seem to get any reward despite an achievement and a sense of pride. I’ve listed the goats in the order in which I found them, so this should make them easier for you to find. Here are all the Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding I’ve found so far.

Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding locations we know so far

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Village Graveyard (1F)

There’s a Goat of Warding in the candlelit shrine in the village graveyard.

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Village church (1F)

On top of the church near the village graveyard with the first typewriter save point inside.

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Castle Dimitrescu, under the Hall of Ablution (B1)

Complete the statue puzzle to drain the wine and head down the ladder. The goat is directly opposite the ladder, surrounded by candles.

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Castle Dimitrescu Attic (RF)

After completing the bell puzzle, head up into the attic. The goat is on the box behind the ladder.

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By the drawbridge on Lone Road (1F)

Along the Lone Road, walk to the wooden platform with the drawbridge. Go down the stairs and turn left. Take out the Lycan, grab the herb, then turn left to find the goat.

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Behind the village Church (1F)

Use the Iron Insignia Key to open the gate behind the village Church. Walk over to the far right side to see the goat nestled in the snow.

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Fallow Plot (1F)

Go to Fallow Plot and walk through the opening in the fence on the far left of the map. Walk up the steps and look on the concrete tiled wall on the left to see the goat.

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Next to the Luthier’s House in the village (1F) 

From the Luthier’s house, walk around to the right. Collect the lockpick from the shack and the gunpowder, Madalina (Body), and Handgun ammo from the building next to it. Continue walking to find some logs under a shelter with a low corrugated iron roof. The goat is perched on the roof.

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Outside House Beneviento

Walk up to the house and walk around to the left under the covered porch. Walk down the steps to find the goat on the other side of the railings. 

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Suspension Bridge

Walk to the middle of the Suspension Bridge and turn to find the goat on a parallel bridge.


As soon as you find the Vineyard area, make a hard right and walk over to the scarecrow at the back. You can find a goat in the snow, to the left of the scarecrow.

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Windmill Turntable (1F)

When you arrive at the first Windmill you can climb in Moreau’s area, walk all the way around on the upper balcony. The goat is just in front of a pile of logs.

Reservoir (1F)

When you’re in the Reservoir walking over the debris to cross the water, turn so that the first Windmill is on your right and make sure that the other windmill (the one you can’t climb) is directly in front of you. On a long wooden pole ahead you’ll find the goat (use the sniper rifle).

Broken Windmill pool, after defeating Moreau (1F)

After defeating Moreau, head back outside to the area where you found the clue for the whereabouts of the Boat Key. Now that the water has been cleared you can walk through the broken windmill and collect two Flashbangs from a crate. Continue walking to find fish swimming around in a pool. On the boat on the right side, open the box to pick up the Silver Angel statue. Turn around and exit the pool to find the goat on a pile of trash.  

Otto’s Mill (1F)

When you find the wooden building with torches outside, head underneath the stilts that hold the cabin up. There’s a goat shrine just like the Graveyard one.

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Before you enter the room to fight Uriaș (B1)

The goat is next to some buckets on the right, just before you enter the room to fight Uriaș.

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Ventilation Duct (B2) or Grinder Shaft (MB3)

In the Ventilation Duct, walk to the yellow troughs at the end to find the goat in the middle one. Alternatively, Climb to the top of the Grinder Shaft and look up at the yellow troughs on the next level (these are visible through a cut-out in the wall). You can just about see the goat in the middle trough (use the sniper rifle).

Heisenberg’s Factory Elevator (B1-B4)

Use the elevator to ascend/descend between floors B1-B4 and turn to face the shaft on the left of the Duke. The goat is on the left side.

Cargo Bay (B1)

After crawling through the vent, turn right to find the goat on a blue barrel. 

Scrapheap, Under Heisenberg’s Factory (B5)

This is the trickiest goat to shoot as you’re in a moving elevator (similar to the one above). As you ascend, watch the left side of the elevator shaft and begin shooting as soon as soon as the lift starts moving.

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