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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
It's well known that Intel has been working with Cooler Master and EKWB on some serious cooling, a tech it's calling Cryo Cooling Technology for Intelligent Sub-ambient Cooling. But...

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Where to find Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

Rule the night with these V Rising guidesV Rising items: 7 things to grab first V Rising blood essence: How it works V Rising iron ore:...

This Heroic app is miles better at being the Epic Games Launcher than the Epic Games Launcher

Jacob Ridley, mini PC enthusiastThis month I have been replacing the back of my Steam Deck: If there's one mod I can't resist it's...

Gotham Knights is delayed into 2022

Gotham Knights, the next game in Warner's Batman series (sort of—more on that below) has been delayed. When it was announced in August 2020...

FIFA 22 benches Maradona thanks to intractable rights dispute over his likeness

Football: the beautiful game and also, sadly, one of the grubbiest. So much money sloshes around at the top that corruption and scandal are...

Electronic Arts didn’t cancel Titanfall 3, Respawn did—and it didn’t even tell EA for six months

Titanfall 3 is simultaneously a sad tale of what might have been, and an undying dream of what may one day be. It's widely...


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Must Read

Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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The best subscription boxes for gamers

Back in 2012, Loot Crate began offering geeks a way to get the kind of tchotchkes that come with videogame pre-orders minus the actual videogame, and since then the...

Capcom’s weirdass dad-in-space game delayed indefinitely in the cutest manner possible

Capcom has announced the delay of Pragmata, a very unusual-looking game first shown in 2020 and at the time scheduled for a 2022 release....

This is almost certainly going to be the best year for fighting games ever

Every time a new Mortal Kombat arrives I think it might be the one that is so freaking gross I can't stomach it anymore....

The US won’t force the world’s biggest chipmakers to back out of China even if it apparently makes them ‘look very weak’

The Biden Administration is set to extent current restrictions on chipmakers looking to expand and maintain business in China. That means the chip giants...


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