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Thursday, June 13, 2024
It's going to be a fair bit longer before we finally get to explore Starfield's galaxy. Unless, of course, you're dedicated enough to reverse engineer Bethesda's star-map based on...

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Warzone developer starts a GoFundMe for legal battle against Activision, who also have a game called Warzone

"Hello, my name is Randy, and I'm being sued by Activision for being an indie game developer." That's how Randy Ficker, creator of a...

No Man’s Sky’s next major update adds new ships and spooky corrupted planets

No Man's Sky is getting a new update, a mere month and a bit after it got its last one. The 4.2 Interceptor patch,...

Here’s an entire scene from Twister (1996) remade in Kerbal Space Program

theres_no_way_im_allowed_to_have_this_much_fun from r/KerbalSpaceProgramGood day. A popular Kerbal Space Program video-maker has recreated a famous scene from the movie Twister, down to lip-synching the actors'...

Halo Infinite is inviting everyone, Insider or not, to this weekend’s technical test

Last week, Halo Infinite kicked off the first of two back-to-back technical test weekends, inviting everyone registered as a Halo Insider to give the...

This mod that lets you fight your Morrowind character in Oblivion is one of the coolest I’ve seen in ages

Lord knows there are a lot of Elder Scrolls modders out there, but I think Nickies might be my favourite. The modder, who once...


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Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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TerraTech Worlds is a sandbox vehicle-building game that looks great in Unreal 5

TerraTech Worlds combines the open-world resource harvesting of Satisfactory with the vehicle construction of Space Engineers. In the new trailer, players work together to mine elements, construct buildings, and...

Capcom’s weirdass dad-in-space game delayed indefinitely in the cutest manner possible

Capcom has announced the delay of Pragmata, a very unusual-looking game first shown in 2020 and at the time scheduled for a 2022 release....

This is almost certainly going to be the best year for fighting games ever

Every time a new Mortal Kombat arrives I think it might be the one that is so freaking gross I can't stomach it anymore....

The US won’t force the world’s biggest chipmakers to back out of China even if it apparently makes them ‘look very weak’

The Biden Administration is set to extent current restrictions on chipmakers looking to expand and maintain business in China. That means the chip giants...


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