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Stray: How to unlock the control room

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The control room is the final area in Stray that you and B12 will enter together. After helping Clementine in Midtown, you’ll have a nice subway ride before reaching a bright, unassuming area where the robots are still only cleaning Companions as opposed to the almost human bots in the rest of the city. This guide will help you gain access to the control room and what you can do once inside, but beware of spoilers for Stray’s ending.

How to get into the control room 

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After you’ve had a chat with all the robots, head to the locked door on the left. There should be a panel on either side of the door, so head to the one on the right. B12 will tell you that he’s unable to open the door without your help. There’s a little box robot you can interact with—the same one you used when getting the atomic battery— so direct it to the panel on the left. 

Once the robot is in place, run back over to the panel on the right and interact with it, before dashing back to the left, jumping on the box robot and opening the second panel. You’ll then need to scratch at the wires until the door opens. This section is timed so you’ll need to be quick, but you can retry if you’re unable to do it in time. The doors will open and you can head inside to explore.

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How to switch on the computers 

Once inside, head to the back of the room to the terminal below the control room layout poster. Interact with it and you’ll discover that you’ll be able to unlock the city once you’ve brought the rest of the systems online.

There are rows of computer terminals in the centre of the room and B12 will ask you to turn them on. You’ll need to weave on and off of the keyboards below the screens to get them all to switch on, so don’t just walk across them all hoping for the best. 

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How to unlock the roof control 

After that, B12 will activate the roof control station, which has three locks. You’ll need to visit three terminals and have B12 hack while you destroy the cable boxes beside them. 

  • The first terminal is just to the left of the roof control station, in the corner. The hack screen is on the left, and you can destroy the wires from the block to its right. 
  • If you face the hack screen and turn left, you’ll find the next screen and wire box to your left on the opposite side of the room. You’ll need to knock a panel. Out of the way to access the wires. 
  • The final terminal is to the right of the roof control station. 

B12 takes considerable damage when hacking the terminals, so you’ll have to carry him to the roof control station. After that, the ending will play out in a cutscene, so enjoy the views. 

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