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Stray: Where to find all the sheet music for Morusque

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After you reach the Slums in Stray, you’ll meet a friendly musician named Morusque. Only, he hasn’t ever played a song on his guitar before, so it’s up to you and B-12 to help him out. Scattered around the Slums are eight sheets of music that Moruqsue can learn in an instant. You can give them to him at any point and he’ll serenade you with a little tune which you can meow along to if you wish. Most of the music is easy to find, but two require a little extra effort.

With that in mind, let’s look at how to find all eight sheets of music in Stray.

Stray: Where to find the sheet music

You might not necessarily find the sheets in numerical order, but that’s not a problem. Some are found towards the end of the Slums storyline, so don’t worry if you find a bunch at once and then are left wondering where the hell the final one is.

You have limited inventory space, so return to Morusque once you’ve found a few to save on space. You can find him to the left of the Guardian, sitting under a canopy and surrounded by cushions that you can take a nap on.

Sheet 1

Sheet 1 can be found in Momo’s apartment in the bathroom to the left of the kitchen. Walk through the bars at the bottom of the door, and jump up on the shelf to find it. 

Sheet 2

Sheet 2 can be found to the left of Clementine’s apartment as you exit through the window. Jump onto the pipe and keep to the left before jumping up and through the rails above. You’ll find sheet music on the table.  

Sheet 3

The third piece of sheet music can be found on the bottom floor of Elliot’s home. If you face the front door and spin around, you’ll see it pinned to the painting on the wall.  

Sheet 4

To get the fourth music sheet, you’ll need to get a can of energy drink from one of the vending machines. There’s one right across from where Morusque sits, so go ahead and grab one then head to the vendor in the cowboy hat, Azooz. He sells the electric cable and a mysterious item, too. Give him the can and the music sheet is all yours.  

Sheet 5

Sheet 5 can be found in the upper level of the Dufer Bar, on a booth table. It’s across from the pool table, so go ahead and knock all the pool balls off before you grab it. 

Sheet 6

The sixth music sheet can be found in Clementine’s apartment, alongside her notebook. Jump through a hole in the sliding doors and look to your right, where you’ll see a bed and a bookcase. You’ll find the sheet music in the bookcase.  

Sheet 7

The penultimate sheet of music can be found in the library, near where you find the safe that holds Doc’s notebook. You’ll find an inactive robot holding a book about becoming more human and across from him is a piano. Jump on it to retrieve the music and run along the keys to make a racket. 

Sheet 8

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The final bit of music is the trickiest to get. To the right of Morusque, just around a corner, is a locked safe. There’s a note on it that is complete gibberish to all but one robot: Elliot. Take the pink note to Elliot and he’ll tell you that there’s a message to rendezvous at the Dufer Bar, so head on over. 

On the bottom floor of the bar, to the left of the barman, is a picture. You can knock this picture off the wall and it’ll reveal a code: 1283. Input the code to grab the final piece of music.

Once you’ve collected them all, he’ll give you the Music badge and serenade you for a final time. Just remember to sing along with your new buddy. 

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