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Baby Chris Redfield? Lady D Statues? Flyswatters? Resident Evil Village mods are already running wild

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Now that Resident Evil 3 has been in the wild for a few days there are a few meek, tentative attempts at modding the game. Changing weapon skins. Reshades. There are also absolutely unhinged jokes. I am here for the latter. So are you.

First, let us continue the grand tradition of putting Thomas the Tank Engine into every video game there is with a reminder that the Count Theodora mod exists.

It is glorious.

How about this one? A modder discovered that the model for the baby is compatible with, and rigged for, other kinds of skins. So, naturally, giant meathead Chris Redfield is now a baby. Here’s a video. 

You can download this, uh, abomination at Nexusmods: Mini Me Chris.

Some may say that Lady Alcine Dimitrescu—aka Lady D aka Tall Vampire Mommy aka everyone’s new favorite cosplay—is very stylish. How about you give her more style? Some new sunglasses, perhaps? A mod called Mommy Glasses, even?

No? How about replacing the armor in her house with giant silver statues of herself? Replace Armors With Alcina Dimitrescu has you covered.

Perhaps you want Lady Dimitrescu to look more like previous Resident Evil antagonist Mr X? I have no idea why, but there’s a Lady X mod for that too.

Perhaps your tastes are more… unconventional? Slap down them buggy vampire ladies with a mod that replaces the knife with a flyswatter. (You know, because they can turn into clouds of bugs.)

No? None of those inspire? Fine. Just make merchant The Duke into the caricature that he truly is: Pudge from Dota 2.

To make most of these work, you’ll need Fluffy Mod Manager, which also coveniently allows you to change Resident Evil Village’s Field of View.

What, that’s not enough for you? Fine. Here’s a mod to go and play as Alcina Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 3, rather than the comparatively staid and boring Jill Valentine.

Now that’s what I call modding.

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