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Saturday, March 2, 2024
2K has blessed us with more information about Marvel's Midnight Suns' upcoming Deadpool content, in the form of a trailer showing off the new hero, new abilities, new enemies,...

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GigaDrive 1TB external SSD

Update May 4, 2022: Having missed the initial shipping period for its GigaDrive units, the last update on Indiegogo suggested production would be complete...

This is the second time a third-party patcher has stepped in to fix the same Windows security issue

A locally exploited Microsoft vulnerability (CVE-2021-34484) has been unofficially fixed by net heroes 0patch. Again. Found several months ago in the Windows User Profile...

Here’s why a bunch of games, including Starfield, just changed release dates on Steam

You may have noticed recently that Starfield's listed release date on Steam recently changed, from 2023—vague, but at least within a specific window—to "coming...

The best settings for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition

Something special has happened with Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, something genuinely game changing. For a gloomy, shadowy first person shooter to be making lots...

Save $80 on this Razer DeathAdder V2 mouse and BlackShark V2 X headset bundle

Razer knows a thing or two about peripherals. It's produced enough award-winning mice, headsets, microphones, and keyboards over the years to make it one...


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Must Read

Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.

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Steam Open World Sale kicks off with Company of Heroes 2 giveaway

The Steam Open World Sale is now underway, featuring discounts of hundreds of games built around—you guessed it—open-world environments. That includes exploration games, builders, sandboxes, and survival: If you...

Capcom’s weirdass dad-in-space game delayed indefinitely in the cutest manner possible

Capcom has announced the delay of Pragmata, a very unusual-looking game first shown in 2020 and at the time scheduled for a 2022 release....

This is almost certainly going to be the best year for fighting games ever

Every time a new Mortal Kombat arrives I think it might be the one that is so freaking gross I can't stomach it anymore....

The US won’t force the world’s biggest chipmakers to back out of China even if it apparently makes them ‘look very weak’

The Biden Administration is set to extent current restrictions on chipmakers looking to expand and maintain business in China. That means the chip giants...


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