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OperaGX is bringing Logitech LightSync to the browsing experience, because why not

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OperaGX browser is getting some new RGB love. For anyone packing Logitech peripherals OperaGX will now allow Logitech G’s Lightsync integration. Why? Who knows, honestly.

But moreover, why not? I’m not one for oppressing free expression in fantastical photonic format. If people feel the need to create custom lighting effects and animations to “unleash an explosion of color,” as the press release describes, who am I to stand in their way?

If you’ve not heard of it, Opera is a browsing alternative to Chrome, Firefox and the like, one that prides itself on taking users’ privacy matters seriously. A self-proclaimed “global web innovator.”

OperaGX, on the other hand, is the gamer-friendly version of the popular browsing software. It has more gaming-related features, such as limiting its access to system resources, so your gaming PC can focus on gaming performance instead of drowning due to your greedy browser’s RAM demands

“Custom effects and animations can be imported into the browser in just one click,” the press release notes, “transforming opening a new tab, downloading new gaming content or activating the RAM, CPU and network limiters into a full spectrum light experience.”

Back in September last year, we saw OperaGX getting cosy with Corsair, when the company announced its browser would include iCUE integration. Now Logitech users can join the browser rave, and have those long, midnight wiki deep dive sessions feel much more lively.


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