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Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Microsoft might have plans to get rid of all those RGB lighting apps on your PC

Is this the end of all those RGB lighting apps installed on my PC? For years I've gathered up app after app for the...

OperaGX is bringing Logitech LightSync to the browsing experience, because why not

OperaGX browser is getting some new RGB love. For anyone packing Logitech peripherals OperaGX will now allow Logitech G's Lightsync integration. Why? Who knows,...

These RGB panels let you build 3D light sculptures inside your PC case

Corsair is a top supplier of ways to go completely overboard with RGB lighting—consider its giant 500mm case fan and super bright desk lights,...

Get a Philips Hue lighting strip kit for just $50, that’s less than half price

RGB lightstrips always felt like gimmick to me until I saw them in action. It’s a wonderfully vibrant immersive experience, and when matched to...

I just can’t stop staring at this hypnotic DIY Ambilight project

Colour me excited. This homebrew lighting project lets you imbue your boring, lifeless gaming monitor with the magic of your very own makeshift Philips...

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