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How to answer Dainsleif’s questions in Genshin Impact

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Want to know how to answer the Genshin Impact Dainsleif questions? One of the activities you can do once you’ve downloaded the Genshin Impact 1.3 update takes place in Mondstat’s tavern, and it involves the mysterious, eventually-playable character, Dainsleif.

There’s not to much known about this Genshin Impact character just yet, but we do know that he will be playable in an upcoming chapter, beyond chapter 2. That said, we’re still in the first chapter even now, so you might be waiting a while before you can get the chance to snag him. On a separate note, his English voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal, the vocal chords behind the famous web slinger in Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is fun.

Anyway, you’re interested in the Genshin Impact Bough Keeper quest, and how to answer Dainsleif’s questions. And for that, I’m here to help. Here’s how to start the quest and provide the ‘right’ answers to his searching questions.

Genshin Impact Dainsleif questions: Which answers to give

As long as you’re at least Adventure Rank 36, you should be able to access the world quest ‘Bough Keeper: Dainsleif’ as part of the wider quest, ‘Chapter 1: Act IV – Prelude’. Kick it off by speaking to Katheryne in Mondstadt about a shady blond stranger that’s visited the town recently.

Then you’ll need to speak to a few others before meeting Dainsleif in Mondstadt’s tavern. Before you can even think about him agreeing to adventure with you, however, you first need give him a hefty 500 Mora and answer three questions. Provided you’re happy to part with that kind of cash, the main thing to know is that it really doesn’t matter what answers you give.

Yes, there are ‘correct’ answers you can give, in a sense, but those just align you closer to Dainsleif in terms of personality. So you can actually just answer each question in a way that makes sense for your character. Regardless, here are the three questions he asks, and your possible responses:

Question 1
“The crisis Mondstadt faced was resolved by an alliance between yourself and that… Anemo Archon who calls himself Venti. Who, in your view, was the key to ending that crisis?”


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  • 1: It was Venti.
  • 2: It was me.
  • 3: The unity of Mondstadt’s people gave us the victory.

Nobody likes an arrogant adventurer, but perhaps you don’t want to seem too humble either, given your impressive achievements thus far. If you think the crisis was more of a team effort—something your new friend would agree with—pick answer three.

Question 2
“Rex Lapis, who has defended Liyue Harbor for millenia on end, used his Gnosis to play down a Contract to End All Contracts, of which the stipulations are unknown. Who do you think will defend Liyue Harbor in the future, now that they’ve lost their deity?”


  • 1: The adepti
  • 2: The Liyue Qixing
  • 3: Everyone in Liyue Harbor

It’s a similar story, here, really: If you want to choose the answer Dainsleif prefers, go with answer three.

Question 3
“This world has people who gained Visions, and those who did not. Which of the two do you think hold more importance in the eyes of the gods?”


  • 1: Those with Visions
  • 2: Those without Visions
  • 3: Perhaps… none of them do

Again Dainsleif would answer three, and it seems like the fairest one to me. Either way, it’s not clear yet if any answer you choose changes much for you in the future, so go with your gut.

Once the grilling is over, wallet emptied, you’re now free to continue with the rest of the quest.

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