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How to photograph a blue creature in Genshin Impact

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It’s the second day of miHoYo’s photography extravaganza, and that means we’ve got a blue creature in Genshin Impact to capture. In this second step of the Genshin Impact Kamera event, Five Flushes of Fortune, we need to use our fancy new tech to picture a blue critter roaming Teyvat.

Just remember, this event is only temporary—it lasts ten days, but your Kurious Camera only works for seven—so be sure to keep checking in each day to see your next objective and maximise your rewards. So, to help you complete the next stage in your limited-time quest, let’s crack on with this Genshin Impact blue photo guide.

Genshin Impact blue creature: How to get the day 2 photo

So, assuming your at least rank 20 and spoken to Ji Tong in Liyue Harbor so you’re ready to get your picture, let’s get onto the kinds of blue creatures you can photograph to satisfy your second Five Flushes of Fortune objective. The difference here is that you’re looking for sentient beings, rather than the red items such as plants and fruit you were looking for previously.

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Instead you’re looking for blue creatures, so that’s Hydro and Cryo life forms, the latter being found all over the new Genshin Impact Dragonspine region. Equally, you can find what you’re looking for along the beach northeast of Liyue Harbor. Here you’ll find Cryo and Hydro Slimes which count as a ‘blue creature’. Naturally you have more options than just these goopy slobs, such as Oceanids, Cryo and Hydro Hilichurls, Samachurls, and Abyss Mages.

So, equip your Kurious Kamera from the Gadgets menu, and aim it at the Slimes if you’ve chosen them as your target. The device will capture the creature automatically if it counts, so keep finding qualifying creatures and shooting them until you’ve used up your daily allowance of film.

Note, however, that it’s worth keeping your distance when approaching a creature for the perfect shot. If you aggro them and they deal you damage, it’ll blur your camera. It’s easier to just play it stealthily to get the photos you need, and the rewards you want.

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