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How to place a spirit crystal at the top of the tallest mountain in Fortnite

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Fortnite season 6 week 11’s challenges are here, and players have a new chance to earn some bonus XP, and have a little fun doing it. This week, the mysteries leading up to Fortnite season 7 are ramping up, and some of the challenges will have you playing a small role in whatever the heck Epic is cooking up.

One of this week’s challenges is to place a spirit crystal at the top of the tallest mountain. Thankfully, once you know where to go, this is a deceptively easy challenge.

Keep in mind, to access this challenge, you’ll need to complete stage 1: Spend gold bars with Deadfire, who is located in the sheriff’s office outside of Lazy Lake. Then you have to finish stage 2: Eliminate an opponent from 25 meters away or more, which you should be able to complete in a match or two if you’re playing team rumble.

Read on to find out how to place a spirit crystal at the top of the tallest mountain.

You’re looking for K8, which has been the tallest peak in Fortnite for a long time now. You’ll find it in the southeast area of the map. Considering it’s a dang mountain, it shouldn’t be hard to find.

All you need to do is head to the highest peak on the mountain, and you’ll see the outline of a large crystal just sticking out of the snow near the flag.

Simply interact with the crystal and you’ll complete the challenge, earning yourself a cool 24,000 XP.

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