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Fortnite Season 7: everything you need to know

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Fortnite Season 7 is finally here. Aliens have started invading the battle royale island, infiltrated our ranks, and terraformed a few different areas for their schemes.

There’s also a number of new gameplay mechanics that shake up Fortnite’s formula in some pretty interesting ways, namely the ability to pilot UFOs. Who says aliens get to have all the fun?

Read on for everything we know about Fortnite Season 7?

Fortnite season 7 trailer

The Fortnite Season 7 trailer shows off the alien invasion, and one lone agent’s efforts to recruit more characters across time and space to defeat them. Yep, that’s Rick Sanchez in the command center.

Fortnite Season 7 battle pass

The Fortnite Season 7 battle pass has some significant changes this time around, and the usual assortment of new skins to collect.

Most notably, players can now collect battle stars every time they level up. You can then spend those stars on (almost) whatever you want, with the catch being that higher tier items won’t be unlocked until you gain X number of levels. So you’ll still need to grind out to level 100 for Rick and Morty stuff, but at least you can skip past a few useless cosmetics that you don’t feel too strongly about.

Here’s all the new skins included in the Season 7 battle pass.

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Kymera, the purple-skinned alien fellow you’ll get early in the battle pass, is a customizable character. As you collect alien artifacts around the map, you’ll be able to spend them on customization options, turning Kymera into something more akin to Admiral Ackbar or Krombopulos Michael.

Then there’s Joey, a gruff-looking merc who is actually just a skin suit for an alien woman who appears when you use her built-in emote. Other highlights include a Meowscles back bling, a traversal emote that lets you ride a miniature flying saucer, and a new alien pet named Choppy who rides around on your back.

You can purchase the basic battle pass for 950 V-bucks, and the Battle Bundle for 2,800 V-bucks. Keep in mind that 1,000 V-bucks costs $7.99, but buying 2,800 V-bucks will cost $19.99.

New weapons and items

Season 7 might be one of the most innovative when it comes to new or refined gameplay mechanics.

Players can now shoot down and hijack flying saucers, and use them to abduct other players.

Drivable UFOs around the map:- have a 100 spawn chance- you can reboot a friend with them, takes 10 seconds- Damage to players on explode: 70- Damage to builds on explode: 500 pic.twitter.com/VP5k8vsI1yJune 8, 2021

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Cosmic chests are a new form of loot chests that appear to only open when a squad is all nearby. It’ll then spawn, and teammates will have to take turns striking it to open it up, earning you top tier loot.

Infos about the Cosmic Chest!- Take turns smashing weak spots to open the Cosmic Chest- The Cosmic Chest activates when the entire squad is nearby- A teammate just found a Cosmic Chest! They need your help to open it! pic.twitter.com/r4qtOSpTScJune 8, 2021

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An updated crafting system has also been introduced. Players now collect nuts and bolts to form new kinds of weaponry, such as AUG rifles, pump shotguns, and silenced rapid fire SMGs. More weapons are supposedly going to be added as the season goes on.

Worried about not being able to keep up on your aging PC? Fortnite’s latest updates make low-end PCs run more smoothly.

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