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Fortnite Chapter 3 gem fragment locations: How to get all Shanta styles

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You’ll need to collect gem fragments in Fortnite Chapter 3 if you want to unlock alternate styles for Shanta, the first new battle pass character. Shanta’s outfit is one of Fortnite’s standout options, and there are a ton of gem fragments to collect. 

It’s fairly difficult to find all the fragment locations, so we’ve gone through the trouble for you. Read on for our guide to finding every Shanta gem fragment.

Fortnite vault locations

There are seven vaults owned by the Seven, the mysterious group working to end the Loop. How appropriate. You can find a max of six gem fragments located outside each vault door. Check the map below and the location descriptions further down.

All gem fragments/vaults are from left to right in the picture above:

  • Vault gem fragment location 1: North of Camp Cuddle, across the twisty river. Go to the main building and head downstairs.
  • Vault gem fragment location 2: Southwest of Greasy Grove, you’ll find a Seven outpost. Head inside the main building and walk down one flight of stairs.
  • Vault gem fragment location 3: The Seven base on top of the mountain northwest of Logjam Lumberyard. Head into the building on the right and downstairs.
  • Vault gem fragment location 4: The Seven base southwest of Coney Crossroads. Head into the lower building and downstairs.
  • Vault gem fragment location 5: South of Condo Canyon. You’ll find a Seven base near the south cliff. Head into the circular building and downstairs.
  • Vault gem fragment location 6: In the eastern bay, directly east of the Foundation statue. On the southern island, you’ll see another Seven base. You guessed it: Head downstairs.
  • Vault gem fragment location 7: A ways northeast of the Daily Bugle, you’ll find a Seven base in a grouping of trees. Head downstairs.

Gem fragments at gas stations

As implied, these gem fragments should be pretty easy to find since they’ll be restricted to the space in and around each gas station.

Gem fragments at named locations

  • Gem fragment location 1: Logjam Lumberyard, head to where the “A” in “logjam” is on the minimap. The gem fragment is surrounded by log piles.
  • Gem fragment location 2: At Shifty Shafts, in the northwest part of the area, sitting out in the open near an entrance.
  • Gem fragment location 3: At Sleepy Sound, right outside the Fish Sticks restaurant.
  • Gem fragment location 4: At the Daily Bugle’s north side, resting on a large stone column that you can easily get to via a zipline rope.
  • Gem fragment location 5: At the intersection of Coney Crossroads.
  • Gem fragment location 6: The south end of Sanctuary, you’ll find the gem fragment in an irrigation pool of water. Follow the pipes if you’re lost.
  • Gem fragment location 7: At the Joneses, by the overturned blue boat.
  • Gem fragment location 8: At Condo Canyon, on the northeast side of town, you’ll find the gem fragment propped up on a rock spire formation by the river.
  • Gem fragment location 9: At Rocky Reels, sitting on top of a large rock.
  • Gem fragment location 10: At Greasy Grove, outside the taco restaurant.

Excavate gem fragments inside dirt mounds

These gem fragments are buried beneath the dirt of the Fortnite island. Thankfully, there’s still a telltale blue glow above each one when you get closer.

  • Excavate gem fragment 1: Northwest of Condo Canyon, ride up the zipline to the small mesa. Look to the right by the small patch of cacti, and find the gem fragment nearby.
  • Excavate gem fragment 2: Northwest of Rocky Reels, just off the right side of the road when it crosses the river and turns left. Look for a large tree and a fence funneling towards a path. The dirt mound is right before that.
  • Excavate gem fragment 3: Southeast of Cuddle Camp and North of Greasy Grove, follow the road to the gas station west of the river. The dirt mound is just off the road, directly east of the gas station.
  • Excavate gem fragment 4: In the mountain region northeast of Camp Cuddle. The dirt mound is under a stilt shack up on a hill off the road.
  • Excavate gem fragment 5: Up the mountain west of the northwest Seven base. The dirt mound is located between a couple rocks.
  • Excavate gem fragment 6: North of Shifty Shafts up the mountain. Just in front of the mine entrance.
  • Excavate gem fragment 7: Southeast of the Daily Bugle, at the power station building, just outside the perimeter.
  • Excavate gem fragment 8: Northwest of Sanctuary, on the shore of the small lily pad lake.

Gem fragments at landmarks

  • Gem fragment location 1: At the wind turbines on the southwest island.
  • Gem fragment location 2: South of Greasy Grove, up on the power lines looking over the town.
  • Gem fragment location 3: Northwest of Greasy Grove and southeast of Camp Cuddle, up on the cabin lodge.
  • Gem fragment location 4: The lake west of Coney Crossroads, on the island at the center, by the large trees.
  • Gem fragment location 5: In the northern part of the map, in the hedge maze. Just enter the main entrance and follow the route. It’s not too far in.
  • Gem fragment location 6: On the peninsula north of Sleepy Sound, outside the lighthouse.
  • Gem fragment location 7: At the store west/northwest of Daily Bugle, hidden behind an outdoor shrub in the corner.
  • Gem fragment location 8: At the temple west of the Joneses, up the central stairs. You may need to build a ramp.
  • Gem fragment location 9: At Colossal Cacti, northwest of Condo Canyon. It’s up on a rock spire.
  • Gem fragment location 10: The southeast part of the map that still has grass on it (rather than snow or sand), southeast of the Joneses. Look behind the wood shacks by the trees.

Gem fragments high up in the air

You’ll probably need to build a ramp up to these gem fragments, or catch them while dropping from the bus.

Check out our other Fortnite Chapter 3 guides to start out the new season on the right foot.

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