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All the Halo Infinite multiplayer modes so far, explained

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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer modes shadow-dropped a few weeks ahead of the campaign launch, and there are several match types available. It’s still in its beta period, so more modes are likely to become available as Season 1 progresses, but in the meantime, there’s a lot to keep you occupied. The Fracture: Tenrai event is due to end shortly, but will return in the new year, hopefully alongside some new modes. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the different modes available in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Halo Infinite multiplayer modes, explained

Returning Halo fans will be familiar with the majority of the multiplayer playlist, but there’s no shame in needing a refresher. Some modes you can choose directly, but for modes like Stronghold, you’ll have to enter a playlist and well… hope it appears. This can get a bit irritating when your challenges are directly related to completing Stronghold matches yet you keep loading into Oddball, but 343 Industries has promised changes will be made throughout the first season. 

Modes types are split into two groups: Arena modes and Big Team Battle. Arena modes allow for up to eight players whereas Big Team Battle is for 24. These modes will be across various maps, too, so let’s take a look at them all.

Arena multiplayer modes

The following modes you’ve likely played a number of times—especially if you’re trying to load into Stronghold matches!

  • Slayer: A 12-minute match where two teams of four must compete to defeat 50 enemies. 
  • Capture the Flag: An up-to-12-minute match where you need to capture the opposing team’s flag while also protecting your own. 
  • Oddball: Two teams of four must work together to keep hold of the flaming skull until either team reaches 100 points. It lasts for two rounds and remember, you can bash enemies with the skull. Just don’t drop it! 
  • Strongholds: Two teams must compete to capture three zones around the map. Once one team scores 200 points, the match is over.  
  • Fiesta: Plays like Slayer except that you’ll spawn with two random weapons and some equipment. Weapon racks will be empty and the only pickups you’ll be able to make are scavenging from fallen players or swapping loadouts with your teammates. Not always available.

Big Team Battle modes

Many of the previous modes appear in Big Team Battle, though things are a little more frantic than they are with fewer players. The rules and victory conditions are slightly different, so let’s take a look.

  • Slayer: Two teams of 12 must work together to defeat 100 enemies in 15 minutes. The maps for this version of Slayer are much larger and there are a bunch of vehicles to play with. 
  • Total Control: This 12v12 match has you trying to control three areas around the map. Once a team has control of all three points at the same time, they’ll score a point and new zones will appear elsewhere. The first team to score three points wins.  
  • Capture the Flag: The same as before, but much bigger. Matches will last a maximum of 15 minutes and you’ll have a wide range of vehicles in your arsenal to help you get around the massive maps.  
  • Stockpile: This 15-minute match has two teams of 12 collecting Power Seeds and depositing them back at their base. Once you’ve deposited five Power Seeds you’ll score a point and the first team to score three points wins. If you want to stop your enemies from depositing their Power Seeds, you’re gonna need to kill them. 

Hidden modes

In addition to the modes above, Halo Infinite also has a number of gameplay modes that are visible when you boot up the game offline. None of these have been introduced to matchmaking or made available in custom games, but they’re likely the ones we can expect to see in the coming months.

  • Arena: Attrition
  • Arena: Attrition Dodgeball
  • Arena: Elimination
  • Fiesta: Attrition
  • Fiesta: CTF
  • Fiesta: One Flag CTF
  • Fiesta: Strongholds
  • Ranked: Elimination
  • Ranked: One Flag
  • Tactical: Slayer
  • Tactical: Slayer Commandos
  • Tactical: Slayer Manglers
  • Tactical: Slayer Sidekicks
  • Tactical: Slayer Stalker Rifles
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