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Far Cry 6: Should you spare or kill McKay?

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Yara is full of unsavoury characters and it’s up to you to decide whether to kill or spare Sean McKay in Far Cry 6. He’s your typical corrupt CEO type who’s planning on fleeing Yara rather than face the music, and once you reach the end of the mission, The Deported, you’ll get to choose his fate. He promises to make it worth your while should you let him live, but is it really worth it? Let’s take a look at all the consequences of killing or sparing McKay.

Should you spare or kill Sean McKay in Far Cry 6? 

While he doesn’t play a huge role in Far Cry 6, it’s still worth considering what will be more beneficial to your story—that is, whether you should kill him or let him leave. Each choice comes with its own reward, but it’s up to you to judge which one is ‘best’.

Kill McKay

Should you decide that you’d get more gratification from killing McKay, you’ll get a wrist item called Canadian, Eh? When equipped, it will reward you with around 10-20 Pesos for every enemy you kill with poison. If your Supremo, bullets, and mods all lean towards poison damage, then this is the wrist gear for you. However, if you’re running a bit low on cash, you might want to consider an alternative.

Spare McKay

Despite being a slimy CEO, you might decide you’re indifferent to his existence and let him leave Yara. He’ll give you 5000 Pesos as thanks for your kindness. Yelena won’t be best pleased, but it doesn’t affect the plot in any way.

By the time you’ve reached this mission, you’re probably not short of Pesos, so it’s down to personal preference. If you want some extra cash, let him flee, otherwise, equip your favourite gun and get to shooting.

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