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Which PlayStation-exclusive do you want on PC next?

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God of War is coming to PC. So is Uncharted 4 and its spin-off The Lost Legacy. We’ve already got Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, and it’s presumably just a matter of time until Square Enix owns up to Final Fantasy 16 getting a PC release and puts a date on it, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake too. But there are still plenty more PS games that would fit the PC, that would be suited to mods and running at 60fps or higher on a fancy monitor. Which one are you holding out for?

Which PlayStation-exclusive do you want on PC next?

Here are our answers, plus some from our forum.

Shaun Prescott, AU Editor: As someone who also works on a PlayStation magazine, I actually own a PS5, so this question isn’t super-pertinent to me aside from the opportunities opened up by modding. But the answer has to be Bloodborne. The original PS4 game is a stone cold classic, one for the canon, and to see it with an unlocked framerate with (hopefully) no frame pacing issues is something I yearn for. I know I’m not alone: every time a new Sony game comes to PC, social media is awash with increasingly desperate requests for a Bloodborne port. Everyone wants it. Ask your elderly uncle who doesn’t play games what PlayStation game he wants for PC: he’ll say Bloodborne. Ask your cat. Everyone wants it, it simply has to happen. Nothing is as worthy of a PC spit and polish (except maybe Tokyo Jungle).

Christopher Livingston, Staff Writer: I guess I’m torn between playing baseball and swinging around Manhattan. MLB The Show or Spider-Man? 

I can’t choose. Frankly, I shouldn’t have to choose. Give me both. Give me MLB The Show and Spider-Man, on PC. Both of them. Please.

Natalie Clayton, News Writer: I don’t have room for a PlayStation in my life, but Shadow of the Colossus is so entirely my vibe that I’m shocked I haven’t impulse-bought an old PS2 and a knackered second-hand copy of the game already. Every so often I’ll plug at a few bosses while visiting my PS4-owning pal down in London—and while I know folks have issues with the Bluepoint remaster, its bleak wilderness and sense of overwhelming isolation hit me like a truck every time. That said, playing one boss at a time over a decade is a bizarre way to experience anything, so c’mon. Do me a solid and let me feel sad over the corpse of a 10-storey behemoth from the comfort of my desktop, eh?

Phil Savage, Editor-in-chief UK: Sure, there are a lot of PS4 games that I guess could come to PC. But there is a much bigger, weirder catalogue of stuff locked away on the PS2. Gitaroo Man is one of the better early rhythm games—miles ahead of Parappa the Rapper in that it is actually fun to play. You, a sad boy who gains alien guitar powers, go on a cosmic journey and fight monsters via an eclectic mix of genre rock. It’s varied, weird and good as hell and it deserves a wider audience via a PC release. While I’m wishlisting, let’s bring We Love Katamari over, too. Sure Katamari Damacy Reroll is already on PC, but the sequel manages to be a commentary on sequels that is also just a better game, and with a better soundtrack too.

Naturally most of this era of PS2 exclusives could have come to PC at any time—it’s not like they’re even owned by Sony, so their exclusivity was more of convenience and the popularity of the platform than anything else. That means the fact they haven’t come over yet is a sign they likely never will. Oh well, at least we’ve got emulation.

Lauren Morton, Associate Editor: Demon’s Souls. I know everyone wants Bloodborne—and I almost feel honor-bound to agree in case the universe is listening—but I’m selfish. I’ve played Bloodborne. I had a grand time co-opping the entire thing with a friend, even. My track record with Horizon Zero Dawn and Monster Hunter World suggests that I won’t actually wind up playing a game a second time when it comes to PC. I’d rather take the FromSoftware game I haven’t played.

Tim Clark, Brand Director: As a former Official PlayStation Magazine editor I would just like to go on the record and say ‘neither of The Getaway games, please’. 

Jorge Jimenez, Hardware Writer: Give me Final Fantasy Tactics or give me death.

Tim Clark, Brand Director: Wait, let me switch my answer to Jorge’s. Give me Final Fantasy Tactics, or give me Jorge’s death.

Morgan Park, Staff Writer: Top of my PlayStation exclusive wishlist is Dreams. God of War with DLSS sounds neat, but no PlayStation game would benefit from the PC ecosystem like Media Molecule’s unique game development platform. I’ve played hundreds of games in Dreams that range from impressive multi-hour adventure games to tiny, experimental stories that are endlessly charming. It’s a delightful platform for creation, and a proper PC version is an important step toward Media Molecule’s eventual goals of allowing creations to export out of Dreams itself, and even be sold commercially. 

Steven Messner, Senior Reporter: Give me a Jak and Daxter trilogy remaster, you cowards! Long before Naughty Dog became obsessed with sad dads, it made a series of platformers not unlike Ratchet and Clank called Jak and Daxter that were amazing. The first one was a fairly standard collect-a-thon, but Jak 2 turned the series on its head by ripping pages out of Rockstar’s playbook and setting the whole game in a big, open-world city. I haven’t played it in years, so maybe it hasn’t aged well, but I remember Jak 2 (and 3, which was more like Jak meets Mad Max) being incredible games. I’d love to see Sony bring these to PC. It did release a remastered version for the PS3 eons ago, but why not do it again?

Jody Macgregor, Weekend/AU Editor: Given the popularity of PS1-style horror games on PC at the moment, I think the answer is obvious. It’s time for the original Silent Hill to come to PC.

Jacob Ridley, Senior Hardware Editor: I was going to say Pandemonium 2, but apparently that did come out on PC so I guess I’m good.

From our forum

Mazer: Ghost of Tsushima! The infamous series on PS3 showed what Sucker Punch can do with an open world action game, and the samurai-flick vibes appealed to me immediately. With God of War coming to PC it feels like anything is possible, and getting GoT could lead to Infamous: Second Son which is the only one in the series I didn’t get to play.

Johnway: BloodBorne. For god sake Sony give us Bloodborne. Whilst you’re at it, port Demon souls as well.

Other games? Well it couldn’t hurt to get the infamous series—not sure what the game was like but it looks like fun and might be an awesome collection if they bundled them all into one. Persona 5 hopefully will come to the PC in the next 5-10 years.

Pifanjr: The 2018 Spider-Man video game. It reminds me of Prototype, which I loved, but with Spider-Man.

ZedClampet: If I could only pick one, I guess it would be Spider-Man. If I could eliminate one, it would be Final Fantasy 16. Square Enix could decide to transition to making vacuum cleaners (somehow they would be cliché and dreadful to use), and I’d be perfectly fine with it.

Zloth: Shadow of the Colossus (2018 remake)? Honestly, I don’t think I would even buy that.

If we get to go into days of yore (PS 1 and 2 era), I would buy Xenogears for sure, and would probably get Xenosaga and the first two Shadow Hearts games. The old Final Fantasy games seem to be selling OK so maybe…?

Furr_Man: I’m a sucker for a sci-fi fps, so I’d like to be able to play the Resistance and Killzone franchises.

flashn00b: Gundam Extreme VS Maxi BOOST ON. It isn’t even owned by Sony, but it’s PlayStation exclusive for some pretty bad reasons… On one hand, we kinda deserved to not have EXVS games on PC given our complaints about Ace Combat 7 and Code Vein, though on the other hand, I don’t think the dev team are that much better than us when their answer is to also make a PS4/PC game that’s also region locked on Steam to only be purchasable in Japan only.

I know damn well what their intention is given Japan’s cultural biases against PC gaming, and it will be extremely satisfying to see the day when Epic Games throws money at them because if that happened, they’ll have to continue developing their console games for PC due to a contractual obligation to do so. I know Epic Games are scummy in their own ways but considering the situation with Japanese games on PC, I would say that they’re actually the lesser evil compared to leaving Japanese game developers to their own devices when it comes to PC gaming.

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