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Where to find palm wood in Dinkum

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Dinkum palm wood is a resource you’ll need to make your life easier during your adventures in the Australian outback. This farming sim has just arrived on Steam in early access, and you’ll be exploring deserts and traversing forests as you make your home amongst the kangaroos and wombats.

You’ll need to find plenty of materials too, so you can craft structures and tools as you build your home. Palm wood is just one of these, but the palm trees they come from aren’t particularly easy to find. This guide will show you where to look. Here’s where to find Dinkum palm wood so you can become self-sufficient on your own slice of the Australian wilderness.

Dinkum palm wood: How to get this resource 

You might think palm trees grow all over the outback, but in Dinkum, they tend to prefer tropical biomes close to the ocean. You can find palm trees to the northeast, close to the coast. You’ll only have the mini-map to guide you, so keep an eye out for greener areas as you explore. Just be sure to take an axe along, as well as plenty of bag space to put your haul.

Once you’ve collected the palm wood, you can refine it into palm wood planks using the Table Saw. This allows you to use it in crafting recipes to make handy items such as a Wooden Crate to store your stuff, fences, as well as other structures and tools.

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