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Accessibility was more visible than ever in 2021, but not always in a way that’s helpful

If last year was a tipping point for accessibility in games becoming visible, then this year has been a weathervane—indicating the direction developers are...

Finally, a great reason for RGB lighting: helping deaf gamers stay in the fight

This gaming audio tool turns in-game sound cues into visible lighting surrounding your gaming monitor. Built by Airdrop Gaming, Audio Radar aims to make...

EA is letting developers freely nick Apex Legends’ ping system

It's hard to imaging how we played multiplayer games before Apex Legends' ingenious ping system. But while games like Fortnite, Halo Infinite, and many...

Microsoft inclusive lead reveals there’s a ‘bit of a plateau’ in accessibility tech

Accessibility WeekThis feature is part of PC Gamer's Accessibility Week, running from August 16, where we're exploring accessible games, hardware, mods and more. I've been speaking...

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