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You can fly the B-Wing in Star Wars: Squadrons now

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Star Wars: Squadrons has its 4.0 update out, adding two new starfighters and custom matches to its array of blasters and wooshy TIE fighter noises. The TIE Defender joins the Imperial faction as an adaptable frontline brawler with an intense focus on power-systems management for effectiveness. The custom matches feature adds a server browser and lobby to the multiplayer, which I think we can all agree is very good.

However, let’s talk about the best feature, which is the addition of Star Wars’ best starfighter: The B-Wing. It’s weird and shaped like a cross, and rotates around a barrel-shaped stabilized cockpit, and I love it, and you should too. Its thin profile makes it a superb combat ship, hard to hit from any angle, while the ability to rotate much of the superstructure around a central point gives it evasive capability out of proportion to its role: That of a back-line, long-range heavy gunship. Its built-in Ion Beam weapon makes it highly effective against enemy capital ships, but it needs an escort to get there. Perhaps good for the more deliberate players who aren’t going to outfly their enemies. Or not, as some players are demonstrating in dogfight mode:

I think the B-Wing description in-game regarding how hard is to use it in dogfight should be changed 😉 from r/StarWarsSquadrons

Please look forward to the release of my book, The B-Wing Rocks and If You Disagree You’re Stupid, next holiday season.

We quite liked Star Wars: Squadrons on its release,  with reviewer Wes Fenlon saying that “In the cockpit, this is probably the best a Star Wars flight game has ever felt.” You can find the full patch notes for Star Wars: Squadrons’ 4.0 update on the game’s website. It includes a healthy amount of balance and bug fixing, to boot. 

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