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How to solve the Tiltren tomb puzzle in Wartales

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The Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle is found inside a burial chamber in the southwest of the region. The tomb is easy to stumble across pretty early on in the game, especially if you’re exploring in the hope of capturing animals to add to your party, and nothing is stopping you from venturing inside as soon as you find it—providing you have the Krowns to buy the required torches.

The puzzle itself isn’t particularly tricky, though finding the correct runes to solve it can be difficult in the dark confines of the tomb. The puzzle solution is also different each time so I’ll explain exactly what you need to do in this guide. With that in mind, here’s how to solve the Tiltren tomb puzzle in Wartales.

Wartales Tiltren tomb puzzle guide 

To enter the Tiltren tomb, you’ll need torches to see where you’re going. You can buy these from the vendor standing outside for 27 Krowns each. They don’t last indefinitely though, and you’ll be spending torch charges each time you explore deeper into the tomb so it’s a good idea to stock up before you head inside.

There are three runes to find in total, and they correspond to a colour on the puzzle mechanism. The mechanism requires one of your party members to have the Scholar profession, but don’t worry if no one has it, as you can learn it on the spot. As mentioned above, the runes change for each player, so you’ll need to find them yourself if you want to solve the puzzle.

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The first rune is found in the room next to the one with the puzzle mechanism. Head back through the entrance to the bottom left corner of the screen and use your cursor to light up the square slab of stone lying on the floor in this room. You should see the first rune painted onto it.

From the first rune, head through the exit to the bottom right of the screen, then take the route on the top right in the next room. The second rune is on the wall to the left. You’ll know you’re in the right room because there’s a statue that makes you want to sing if you inspect it on the far side.

Return to the previous room, and this time, choose to explore past the rubble at the bottom left. You’ll be asked if you want to proceed cautiously or run. I chose to proceed cautiously and got to the other side without mishap. The third rune is the trickiest to spot as it’s hard to light up the area, but you can find it on the floor, close to the bottom of the screen.  

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Now you have all three runes memorised, head back to the puzzle mechanism. You’ll see three different coloured symbols and a button beneath them. Click on each symbol to rotate the roller and select the ones you found. The order you need to put them corresponds to the colour of each rune. It’s also worth noting that if you mess up, your scholar will become injured so you’ll need to treat them with medicine to have another go.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, head forward and you’ll be thrown into a relatively easy fight with rats and zombies. Then you’ll have the option to break open a tomb—which requires a miner—and receive your Tiltren tomb rewards:

  • Treasure of the Ancients
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Artist’s Codex – Chapter 3
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