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How to get the Draugr fang bow in Valheim

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Got your eye on Valheim’s Draugr fang bow? Not only does this weapon look stylish, it can down enemies swiftly thanks to its superior pierce damage. This bow also borrows a gross item called guck to give it a poisonous effect, sealing its title as the best bow in Valheim. As you’d expect, any item this good is going to be tricky to craft, so you’ll need to collect rare resources such as silver and ancient bark before you can add it to your arsenal.

Bows offer more versatility than melee weapons as there are several types of arrows in Valheim. You can quickly deplete The Elder’s health using fire arrows, whereas Bonemass is weak to frost variants. Regardless of the enemy you’re taking on, its always nice to have the option to hang back and attack from a safe distance with a reliable bow. If you’re ready to trade in your trusty huntsman bow for a ranged weapon that’s more powerful and durable, here’s how to get Valheim’s Draugr fang bow.

Draugr fang bow: How to craft Valheim’s best bow

In keeping with other Valheim recipes, the Draugr fang bow list automatically unlocks once you’ve picked up some ancient bark, guck, and silver. These items are difficult enough to locate on their own, so don’t sweat it if you haven’t managed to track them all down yet. 

Take your time as you comb the Valheim map, and make sure you equip the best armor before braving the gorgeous, yet deadly snow-capped Mountains. Here’s what you need to craft your very own Draugr fang bow:

  • Equipment: Workbench, forge, smelter.
  • Ancient bark x10: Chop down ancient trees in the Swamp.
  • Silver x20: Mine silver ore in the Mountains.
  • Deer hide x2: Hunt deer in the Meadows and and Black Forest.
  • Guck x10: Use an axe/pickaxe to break glowing gucksacks in the Swamp.

Remember that you can head back to your forge to upgrade your weapons. Placing items like an anvil, forge cooler, and forge toolrack in close proximity will upgrade your forge. As you go, you can upgrade your Draugr fang bow to improve its pierce, poison, and durability stats. Here are the materials you need, once your forge is at levels two, three, four, and five:

  • Draugr fang bow level two: Ancient Bark x10, deer hide x2, guck x10, silver x20. 
  • Draugr fang bow level three: Ancient Bark x5, deer hide x2, guck x2, silver x10.
  • Draugr fang bow level four: Ancient Bark x10, deer hide x4, guck x4, silver x20.
  • Draugr fang bow level five: Ancient Bark x15, deer hide x6, guck x6, silver x30.

And there you have it, that’s how to get your very own Draugr Fang bow in Valheim. For a few more guides to help you through the tenth Norse world, check out the links below.

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