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Ubisoft lowers price of Rainbow Six Extraction, offers free co-op passes for friends

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Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t out yet, but Ubisoft is already issuing a major discount. Previously planned to be a $60 game, Extraction will launch on every platform at $40. Ubisoft also announced that every copy of Extraction will come with two “Buddy Pass tokens” that’ll allow friends to download a trial version of the game valid for 14 days.

Those who preordered Extraction at its old $60 price will be refunded the difference.

It’s pretty rare for a big game to get a price decrease in the final months before its release. Since its announcement in 2019, Ubi has maintained that Rainbow Six Extraction is a fully-fledged standalone game from the PvP-focused Rainbow Six Siege, and priced it as such. To my eye, the new $40 tag reflects a perception of Extraction as a smaller spinoff.

That was my impression of Extraction when I played it in June. For as novel as a co-op game with Siege’s unique destruction and precise gunplay is, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was playing a well-made expansion.

The move could also have to do with the positive buzz around Back 4 Blood (88%), a co-op zombie FPS from the creators of Left 4 Dead that I loved for its fast-paced missions and unique progression. I’d admittedly stopped thinking about Extraction since getting my zombie fix in B4B, but now that the asking price is in-line with my expectations, I’m more excited than ever to give it a proper shot.

A slower-paced zombie romp with Siege operators in a month that’s usually bone dry for game releases? I’ll take it. Ubi may also be glad to be avoiding the flood of huge 2022 games kicking off in February: It also announced today Extraction will release on January 20, 2022, which comes following a July announcement that Extraction had been delayed out of 2021 to sometime in January 2022. 

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