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This peanut butter made for gamers actually sounds delicious

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Gamer’s rejoice. No longer shall your jelly remain lonely on its sandwich. Never again, will a piece of toast be left cold and naked. For now, we finally have a brand of peanut butter made specifically for gamers, and our many very real nutritional requirements specific to the hobby.

As gamers, we get a lot of weird stuff marketed towards us. It started out with cool RGB gaming peripherals which made sense, but now has expanded into gaming beds, hand massagers, energy drinks, and all sorts. I can only suppose Peanut Butter was the next logical conclusion on this journey towards total market saturation. 

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Spotted by Lowyat.net, a Malaysian based company called Jobbie Nut Butter has partnered with Taiwanese hardware company Zotac, responsible for hardware like the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Amp Holo and this VR backpack, to make a gaming peanut butter. 

The labelling on the jar is black with holographic gamer styled highlights. On the top, it reads “Word’s first nut butter for gamers” and while they’re probably right, I can’t help but think the world might be better without that sentence. The paste is also named Pong, which is no doubt a homage to the videogame but also makes me scared of how it might smell when opened. 

Jokes aside, perhaps the most confusing thing about this nut butter is it sounds absolutely delicious. The full name given to this spread is Pong – Berry Matrix Peanut Energy Crunch, and on the company’s blogpost about the new product, it’s described as such. 

“A super rich thick peanut mousse made from dry roasted peanuts, followed by slightly sweet and sour chopped up freeze dried blueberries and strawberries. The freeze dried fruits provides more crunch (as the moisture has been completely extracted) than a bowl of freshly made popcorn, making it the perfect snack in-between games.”

Unlike most gamer related foodstuffs, it seems Pong is devoid of added caffeine, taurine, or the likes. Instead it just sounds like a damned tasty peanut butter with delicious fruits in it. It’s also made to be eaten directly from the spoon which is another definite point in its flavour favour, and could even make for a nice low effort desktop companion snack. The gamer tag is starting to make some sense, despite how ridiculous it sounds to start with. Plus, this might be one of the healthier things we gamers have ever had made in our name, so that’s a nice change of pace. 

According to the Jobbie Nut Butter site, the company mainly delivers to Malaysia and Singapore as well as Scotland, the UK, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan though other shipping arrangements can organised on request.

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