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This EVGA keyboard with optical mechanical key switches is heavily discounted to $85

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Simply put, the best gaming keyboards typically use mechanical key switches, of which there are many different types. EVGA’s Z20 is one of a small handful that leverages optical mechanical key switches, and it can be had for just $84.99 at Newegg today.

That’s a deep discount—it lists for $174.99, but if you input promo code 93XRD39 at checkout, Newegg will knock $90 off the price. And it does actually sell for its full MSRP at some places, like GameStop and direct from EVGA (it’s not in stock on Amazon, but a look at its price history shows it hovered around $155 for a long time).


EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | $174.99 $84.99 at Newegg (save $90)
EVGA’s Z20 RGB uses light beams to register keystrokes and has an extremely fast report rate (4,000Hz). Just use promo code 93XRD39 at checkout to get the full discount.

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Optical mechanical switches register keystrokes by interrupting a light beam when pressing a key. This allows for instant and consistently precise input, and takes away the possibility of metal contact points failing over time, since they are not being used in an optical switch.

EVGA offers two types on the Z20—clicky and linear. The promo code applies to the clicky version, which is the more audible of the two. It also has a distinct actuation point (I prefer clicky switches myself, and the louder the better).

Other features include dedicated media controls with a metal volume roller, a column of dedicated gaming keys, RGB lighting (per-key and via light bars on both sides), a 4K Hz report rate (most keyboards are 1K Hz), and a unique time of flight sensing system (there’s a proximity sensor on the front that detects movement to wake and sleep the keyboard).

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