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Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Factorio expansion will be as large as the main game

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Almost precisely a year since we last heard about an expansion for Factorio that was in the works, and now we know a little bit more. In the first Friday Facts in quite a while, developers Wube software have posted that it’ll be as big as the whole base game and cost $30—the same price as Factorio itself.

“Honestly, making the price (and thus the expected scope) a little bit more concrete in this way, motivates us not only to make enough, but also to not overshoot, so we wouldn’t spend another 9 years doing it,” says the post.

The expansion itself isn’t quite done, which means it’s on schedule for Wube’s original development time of more than a year. As it stands now, Wube has completed the new subsystems and is connecting the into a prototype version, but is still a lot of development, finishing, and testing from a release.

Factorio is a factory-building strategy simulation game and probably one of the top 100 games on PC. You can find out more about it in our review. There’s concept art of a spooky jellyfish from Wube’s software post. It’s the only thing we know about the new expansion.

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