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Score the catch of the day with this Terraria fishing guide

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Need a hand with Terraria fishing? Fishing is a nigh-ubiquitous side-activity in RPGs and open-world games. Mainly its presented as a way to relax and kill time, although it will occasionally tie into the achievements of a game, too. 

Fishing in Terraria is more important. It’s the only way to acquire some of the best items in the game, while also providing a regular supply of potion materials and even some great weapons. So get your tackle ready as I tell you where and how to fish in Terraria. 

How to get the Terraria fishing rod

Fishing in Terraria is straightforward, so long as you have the right tools. First off, you need a Fishing Pole. The simplest one to craft is the Wood Fishing Pole, which requires eight Wood to make. With a fishing pole in place, next you’ll need bait. You can catch bait by using a Bug Net on most of the insects and other invertebrates you see around the world, such as worms and butterflies. When you’ve caught some bait, head to a body of water and click on it to cast your line. Wait for the float to move before clicking again to reel the line in.  

The Angler NPC and why you should fish

Before setting out on any fishing trip, seek out the Angler NPC. You’ll find him bobbing along in or near one of the oceans at either end of the map. Chat to him and he will offer fishing-related quests. Completing these will reward you with a wide array of items that will help you improve your fishing. The Angler also holds all of the items needed to acquire the Fish Finder. This is often the last piece of kit you’ll need to make a Cell Phone, an essential item for the endgame Terraria player. 

The Angler’s rewards are randomised, so the only way to acquire them is by doing his daily quest. It’s a bit of a grind, but it should be enjoyable as long as you know how to get the most out of your fishing experience. 

How to fish in Terraria

There are a lot of factors that affect your Fishing Power. The weather, the time, the moon, the size of the body of water, and the equipment you are using. It’s best to fish when: 

  • It’s raining (20 percent boost) or overcast (10 percent boost).
  • It’s between 4:30 and 6:00 am or 6:00 and 7:30 pm (30 percent boost).
  • The lake you’re fishing in is at least 300 tiles (any smaller incurs a penalty). 

Everything else is down to your equipment. Many of the items the Angler provides can boost your fishing power, while your Fishing Rod is also a significant factor. The best Fishing Rod is the Golden Fishing Rod which can be obtained after finishing 30 quests for the Angler. Other than all of that, it’s a matter of patience. Like real fishing, only you’re far less likely to get wet this way.

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