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World of Warcraft Classic

Former World of Warcraft lead developer hints at something big coming to Classic

World of Warcraft Classic may soon be getting a major update, and former lead engineer Brian Birmingham hinted—very vaguely—that it could be the World...

World of Warcraft Classic gets a modern facelift thanks to files ripped out of the latest Portal game

The unflinchingly nostalgic World of Warcraft Classic and the neo-futuristic ideal of real-time ray tracing in absolutely, positively everything don't immediately strike me as...

WoW Classic players facing 6 hour queue times to get into the game’s biggest servers

Players trying to get into World of Warcraft Classic's more popular servers have found themselves faced with queues of tens of thousands and wait...

The September PC game releases and updates you should know about

Welcome to September, a month favored by songwriters and people who like school. It's another fairly chill month for videogames: there are some potential...

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