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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
If you're wondering how to swap weapons in Diablo 4, you're not alone. It's something that's done automatically, for the most part, though if you're playing a barbarian, you...

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Wild Hearts devs acknowledge the PC port runs terribly and promise fix next week

Wild Hearts is Koei-Tecmo's new attempt to get in on that sweet monster hunting action and, while it's not perfect, there's lots to like....

Tabs are coming to Windows 11 Explorer, and they’re saving your RAM

Windows 11 has been rolling out all sorts of interesting updates since it's come out. Many come out to the test servers first, and...

In this ‘inverse city builder’ the island you’re building on is slowly shrinking

In most city builders you need to think big by expanding your city and slowly covering the available land with houses and factories. But...

Marvel Snap is making ranked Overwatch 2 much more fun

When it comes to competitive games, I play two main genres: shooters and card games. I like destroying my enemies with either quick reactions...

How to get the Divine Relic in Cuphead

The Cuphead Divine Relic is the strongest charm in the game, letting you switch weapons by dashing, and granting you the benefits of multiple...



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Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.



RIP Cortana: Windows 11 is getting a new AI ‘personal assistant’

At its Build event today, Microsoft announced that a new AI assistant called Copilot (as seen in a few Microsoft apps already) is coming to the Windows 11 preview...

Capcom’s weirdass dad-in-space game delayed indefinitely in the cutest manner possible

Capcom has announced the delay of Pragmata, a very unusual-looking game first shown in 2020 and at the time scheduled for a 2022 release....

This is almost certainly going to be the best year for fighting games ever

Every time a new Mortal Kombat arrives I think it might be the one that is so freaking gross I can't stomach it anymore....

The US won’t force the world’s biggest chipmakers to back out of China even if it apparently makes them ‘look very weak’

The Biden Administration is set to extent current restrictions on chipmakers looking to expand and maintain business in China. That means the chip giants...