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NFL player accidentally leaks new contract to his wife’s Call of Duty: Warzone squad

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I’ve heard all sorts of “interesting” things said over voice chat in Call of Duty: Warzone, but I’ve never heard an NFL player spill the beans about their fancy new team contract. That’s exactly what Reddit user ProbationOfficer2035 overheard this weekend when they randomly grouped up with Twitch streamer Oohtally, who’s also the wife of Bears offensive guard Rashaad Coward.

Probation described the unlikely event on the official NFL subreddit, saying that their teammate “had her mic on and I could hear her husband talking in the background about a ‘deal.'” Turns out, that “deal” was Coward’s now-confirmed move to the Pittsburgh Steelers. “The last thing I heard was that if no one else calls within the next 30 minutes he’s gonna sign a 3-year deal in order to facilitate the trade because he would love to be in Pittsburgh.” 

Blessed 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #yeslawwd pic.twitter.com/qgNhbHjfyaMarch 29, 2021

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Ironically, Probation had the scoop on Coward’s move to Pittsburgh a full two days before anyone else, but couldn’t figure out which player they had heard in the background. Now that the cat is fully out of the bag, Ohtally addressed the news while wrapping up her Warzone stream today. 

“Shout out to the Bears. It is what it is. We had a great time here and we’re moving on. Steelers nation.” Coward is also retweeting people making light of the accidental Warzone leak, so it seems like he’s being a good sport about it, too. He also seems pretty excited to be a Steeler, which I can understand given that black and gold is objectively cooler than the Bears’ blue and orange. (Sorry, I don’t make the rules.)

Moral of the story: turn on push-to-talk and don’t broadcast conversations with sensitive information to a random handful of Warzone players. It might end up on Reddit. Whether it be chatter about your multi-million dollar contract or what kind of burger you want from McDonald’s, we are listening.

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