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There’s an FOV fix for Mass Effect Legendary Edition already

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Though it’s up to a rating of Very Positive now, Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched to mixed user reviews on Steam. Among the complaints were the absence of a field-of-view slider, leaving it with a tight FOV of 70. Modders have already come to the rescue, however, with JadeBarker uploading Better Camera (Higher FOV) to NexusMods on the day its Mass Effect Legendary Edition section opened.

Anyone who modded the original games will be familiar with Coalesced.bin, the file in your BioGame\CookedPCConsole directory you’ll need to replace to get most mods working. Just be sure to back it up first. Once you’ve swapped it for the version in the mod you’ll be able to press F10 in-game to push your FOV up to wherever you find it most comfortable. Note that one problem with altering the FOV is that the second level of zoom on the Mako’s cannon (accessed by pushing ctrl) won’t work. Guess you can’t have everything.

BioWare are familiar with Mass Effect’s mod scene as they used mods as a benchmark for the Legendary Edition’s improvements.

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