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Marvel baddie Galactus ends Fortnite Season 4 on December 1

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Fortnite’s current season is set to end with a bang on December 1, this time delivered by Marvel villain Galactus. The Nexus War event, which brought many Marvel characters to Fortnite, will end with the customary obliteration of the map, and there is no one better to trigger it than a villain that literally eats planets to keep alive.

Galactus will appear on December 1 on 1:00 PM ET / 9:00 PM BST. Epic recommends logging in at least an hour ahead of the event’s start time in order to make sure you can attend. The event playlist will be available 30 minutes before things kick off. During digital armageddon, you can also chat to friends via Houseparty.

Those of you who enjoyed Fortnite’s Marvel takeover don’t need to be too sad, as Epic Games worldwide creative director Donald Mustard has already revealed that Nexus War is only the start of “many years of Marvel integration” with the game. No matter how Galactus ends up destroying the island—judging by previous events like the giant storm, the wave that swept everything up, or last year’s black hole—it will certainly be impressive. 

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