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Make the upgrade to this 27-inch 240Hz LG gaming monitor for $180

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This 27-inch 1080p LG Ultragear gaming monitor—currently at its lowest price on Amazon for $179.99—is perfect if you’re ready to make the move to 240Hz but not looking to spend all that much. The display usually sells for $275-$300 but it’s only in the last few days that we’ve seen it show up on sale on a number of different retail sites—but Amazon has got it the cheapest. 

The LG 27GP750-B is a 27-inch 1080p gaming monitor on an IPS panel, which is what you want on a speed-centric high refresh rate display. What they lack in contrast, they make up in good color and decent viewing angles. 

The reason you’re going to want to pick up this Ultragear is the blazing-fast 240Hz refresh rate.  I cannot express enough how much we love high refresh monitors here. Once you make the jump from an old 60Hz or 120Hz to 240Hz the difference is like night and day in games like Valorant and Fortnite. 

The Ultragear also has a really nice thin-bezel design and supports FreeSync Premium, which will help with screen tearing particularly for anyone using an AMD GPU. There are a couple of HDMI ports (along with a display port) in case you were looking to plug in a console as well as your gaming PC. 

LG Ultragear LG 27GP750-B | 240Hz | IPS | FreeSync Premium | 1080p $300

LG Ultragear LG 27GP750-B | 240Hz | IPS | FreeSync Premium | 1080p
$300 $180 at Amazon (save $120)
The LG Ultragear is a popular monitor among competitive gamers. Though a bit older; It’ll still provide silky-smooth 240Hz gameplay to your favorite competitive games.

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This LG Ultragear is a bit older, but for $180 it still has a lot of what you want in a high refresh rate display. If it didn’t come out at a time when everyone was releasing a 240Hz gaming monitor, it most likely would have made its way to our best gaming monitor at some point. 

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