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LG’s 144Hz gaming monitor deal is your ticket to high refresh rate bliss

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The LG 27GN800-B is a strong entry point for high refresh rate gaming with its 144Hz, G-Sync and FreeSync compatible panel. While 144Hz is steadily becoming the low end of high refresh rates, it still drastically changed how I play some of my favorite games and is now my default recommendation when it comes to gaming monitors. It’s also a 1440p monitor, which PC Gamer still considers the sweet spot for resolution based on a recent team poll.

This 27-inch IPS monitor is at an all-time low price of $276.99 on Amazon. It’s a total savings of $123 off of its regular price. Last week, the LG 27GN800-B was $299.99, but this new drop makes it much more enticing when put up against the other Black Friday gaming monitor deals we’ve seen. Usually this monitor fluctuates between $296.99 and upwards of $350, so this most recent drop is considerable. I could see it going even lower, but probably by only a few dollars. I wouldn’t count on the monitor still being in stock by the end of the week.

High refresh rates, which is to say refresh rates above 60Hz, are a godsend when it comes to smoothing out fast-paced games like competitive shooters. It’s nice to play singleplayer games with high refresh rates too, but nothing tops having the buttery smooth movement while you’re trying to aim in a game like Halo Infinite or Overwatch. I have over 2,000 hours in Overwatch and would never have predicted how much more confident I feel in my aim and reactions with a 144Hz monitor.

LG 27GN800-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor | 27-inch | 1440p | 144Hz | IPS | G-Sync, FreeSync | $399.99

LG 27GN800-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor | 27-inch | 1440p | 144Hz | IPS | G-Sync, FreeSync | $399.99 $276.99 at Amazon (save $123)
This LG gaming monitor is at an all-time low price and delivers 144Hz at 1440p. If you need a high refresh rate monitor that supports G-Sync and FreeSync this is a great choice, just mind the lackluster stand (it is VESA mountable).

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This panel’s 1ms response rate is a boon for competitive games. Fast movements will appear on the monitor without any visual ghosting to muddy up your view. If you don’t play games that are fast-paced, this monitor might be overkill for you. Even if the refresh rate isn’t vital for you, though, the ability to sync up with Nvidia and AMD cards using G-Sync and FreeSync to eliminate screen tearing is still wonderful.

The monitor does have a lackluster stand. It only has a slight tilt adjustment and you can’t slide its height up or down. That’s disappointing for the price, but it does support VESA mounting, so if you have your own stand, it’ll work fine there. Depending on your setup, though, the stand could be a deal breaker.

The LG 27GN800-B has two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort port, and a headphone out jack. It doesn’t have any speakers, so hopefully you have a gaming headset or a decent pair of computer speakers to do the job. 

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