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Itch.io’s Be A Better Cyberpunk bundle offers 29 alternatives to 2077

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From ethical concerns surrounding the Cyberpunk genre to the risk of epileptic seizures, there are several reasons you may not want to play Cyberpunk 2077, as there often are with games made by big corporations. That’s why someone put together a bundle of Cyberpunk alternatives on itch.io, called “Be a better Cyberpunk”.

The bundle contains a variety of games made by independent creators, and there is something for every taste—a tabletop RPG zine, a shooter, management game Spinnortality, which we’ve called “a deliciously deep simulation”, interactive fiction and more. For the price of $60, you get 29 items overall. While this is a bundle that has been made in answer to Cyberpunk 2077 specifically, if you can afford it it’s always a good idea to support creators from minority backgrounds, simply to acknowledge their work and the different viewpoints they offer, not only on the Cyberpunk genre, but on gaming at large. So even if you’re quite happy with Cyberpunk, consider chipping in—Nate Kiernan, the creator of the bundle, recently wrote on Twitter that he “heard from a few of the devs in the cyberpunk bundle that this money has been a huge windfall for them […] I just want to remind folx that a small amount of support can go a long way.”

Support some independent artists. It’s the punk thing to do. The Be a Better Cyberpunk bundle is available on Itch.io until December 24. There’s a sister bundle for economically or otherwise marginalised people who would like to help out, too.


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