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Into the Pit is a spellcasting FPS roguelite with lashings of Heretic and Bloodborne

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Hardly a week goes by without a new retro-styled FPS emerging, and Into the Pit isn’t even the first (hello, Forgive Me Father), but it’s probably the only one where your character throws up devil horns on beating a baddie. Revealed at Xbox’s Gamescom presentation today, Into the Pit is a spellcasting FPS roguelite set in a village harried by a “demonic pit”.

When a village suddenly earns itself a demonic pit you just know demons are going to come out of it, and that they’re going to need to be murdered. As a “lore-hunting mystic” that’s what you’ll be doing in Into the Pit, all in the interests of finding your cousin Luridia who has seemingly fallen afoul of the pit.

The art style is undeniably cool, bearing some of the sinister Victorian stylings of Bloodborne, but the gameplay is definitely closer to something like Hexen or Heretic, albeit faster. You’ll get to experiment with your spells according to the game’s website, which seems to imply that mixing them up will result in some useful elemental effects. With the use of “keys and runes” you’ll be able to influence the kind of dungeons you explore.

Into the Pit hits PC on October 19. It’s coming to the Humble Store and Steam

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