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Here’s World Of Warcraft’s Northrend modded into Valheim

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World Of Warcraft’s frozen continent of Northrend has been recreated in Valheim—though don’t expect many Lich Kings to be expressing their wrath in this modded facsimile of Azeroth’s chilled ceiling.

Available over on Nexus mods and spotted by PCGamesN, modder Drakonman The Fox has broadly remapped the landscape of Northrend onto Valheim. It’s somewhat fitting, too—Wrath Of The Lich King notably introduced the Vrykul, a race of giant vampiric Norsemen, into canon. If you want, you can pretend you’re laying down their roots for the very first time.

While major landmarks like dungeons and structures haven’t made the jump (no Icecrown Citadel, I’m afraid), the biomes have been fairly accurately mapped onto Northrend’s heightmap. Valheim’s continent can’t be as hand-crafted as the Warcraft expansion, considering the procedural nature of its terrain. But you’ll find peaks, valleys, and lakes laid out where they should.

Starting in Howling Fjord, Drakonman has also made adjustments to reflect the WoW expansion’s difficulty curve. Locations like Burial Chambers and Sunken Crypts will spawn well outside their intended biomes, helping you progress all the way into the deep north of Icecrown.

There are no shortage of impressive Valheim builds making the rounds, from the Eiffel Tower to utterly cursed tank engines. But it’s less common to see creators alter the shape of the terrain itself. Who knows—maybe some builder out there will combine the two, constructing a great wooden undead citadel on top of Warcraft’s continental import. 

You’ll need to download Better Continents for Drakonman’s Northrend to work. After that, you’re set to reshape the continent in whatever way you see fit. Go on, show that amateur Arthas how an empire is really made.

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