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Half-Life: Alyx mod Levitation promises a 4-5 hour campaign

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Since modding tools were released for Half-Life: Alyx we’ve seen a few impressive projects, like the BioShock-themed Return to Rapture. Few of them look quite as slick as the upcoming Levitation, which will be a custom campaign set in the Half-Life universe in which you play as Alyx, following the trail of a couple of rebels named Maya and Barry who have gone rogue after discovering a floating building in the Combine’s Sector X.

Levitation is a collaboration between SFM animator Corey Laddo and level designer Shawn Snelling, AKA FMPONE, and the trailer alone is an impressive piece of work. It’s got a nice balance of action and spookiness. The floating building seems to have taken some inspiration from the concept art for Zona, a Spanish television series based on Roadside Picnic, the story that inspired Stalker. It’s a fitting match for City 17, with its distinctive mish-mash of the old and the new.

Other mods for Half-Life: Alyx have added lightsabers, a multiplayer mode where one player is a useless floating robot, and a horde mode with waves of enemies. One of the most popular themes for Alyx mods has been taking something away, however, making it playable without a VR headset.

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