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Fortnite gyro controls: The best settings and how to turn it on

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Gyro controls have now been added to Fortnite, offering players a new way to aim when battling for a victory royale. There are two new options players can choose from, including gyro aiming and flick stick, all with the goal of removing players’ reliance on the right stick of their controller.

Here’s what you need to know about Fortnite’s gyro controls, how to turn them on, and what controllers support them.

How to turn on gyro aiming in Fortnite

To turn on gyro aiming and flick stick in Fortnite, simply go to your settings menu. Select the new “Touch and Motion” sub-menu, where you’ll find all the toggles you need. Switch “gyro aiming” from off to on.

You can also toggle when gyro aiming is in effect. If you prefer to only have it on while aiming, select “scope” or “scope and aiming” to apply it to non-scoped weapons. If you prefer to have it always on, even when just running around the map, select “always.” You can similarly turn gyro aiming on and off for building structures.

How to turn on flick stick in Fortnite

In the same menu as gyro aiming, look further down to find the flick stick toggle. Flick stick allows you to immediately turn in a cardinal direction with the flick of just one stick. So if you’re sick of always being gunned down from behind and want to give enemy players what for, a flick stick setup will let you automatically turn 180 degrees backwards with just one stick motion.

You’ll still have to aim properly from there, but the faster reaction can give you more of a fighting chance.

What controllers work with gyro aiming in Fortnite?

Bad news for Xbox controller users, which means a whole lot of PC players. Xbox controllers don’t include gyro functionality, unlike their Sony and Nintendo brethren. So you can’t use gyro aiming, unfortunately.

If you use a Sony controller or play Fortnite on the Switch, though, you’re in luck. Here’s what’s compatible with gyro aiming in Fortnite.

  • PC: DualShock 4 or DualSense controller
  • PS4: DualShock 4 controller
  • PS5: DualSense controller
  • Switch: Joy-Con or Pro Controller
  • Android: Mobile controls.

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Fortnite gyro controls: Best settings

Here are the options you have to choose from while configuring Fortnite’s gyro controls:

Active Combat (Combat)

None: Gyro controls are disabled for all gameplay
Scope Only: Gyro controls are only enabled when using a scoped weapon
Scope or Aiming: Gyro controls are enabled when aiming with either a scoped weapon or a non-scoped weapon
Scope, Aiming, or Harvesting: Adds gyro to the above and when you’re using your pickaxe’s melee
Always: Gyro is enabled at all times

Active Mode (Building)

None: Gyro disabled for all building
Editing: Uses gyro when editing structures, not building
Always: Uses gyro when either building or editing structures

I recommend keeping gyro aiming to “scope or aiming” since having gyro enabled at all times could lead to some… interesting camera issues if you’re a fidgety player. If for any reason you find the gyro aiming uncomfortable, setting the look stick effect  (a separate setting, not to be confused) to “disabled” will let you automatically take control with the right stick in the traditional way.

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