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How to get to Veithurgard in God of War

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Want to get to Veithurgard in God of War? Kratos has finally arrived on PC, bringing the sprawling world of the Norse gods with him. As you explore the many realms with Atreus, you’re likely to find puzzles or locked gates that may have you scratching your head.

Veithurgard is an optional area, and it’s accessible from the Lake of Nine, but it’s not obvious how you get there. There’s plenty to discover as Kratos grunts his way through the various Norse realms. And if you want to collect the treasure maps and Nornir chests found around Midgard, you’re going to need to unlock certain areas to access them. Just be aware that there are some minor spoilers below. Here’s how to find the God of War Veithurgard area and open the gate. 

God of War Veithurgard: How to open the gate 

Veithurgard is located east of the Lake of Nine and is initially shrouded in mist if you look for it on the map, just like other undiscovered areas. The entrance is between Stone Falls and Buri’s Storeroom, but if you sail over there on your boat, you’ll be confronted by a giant locked gate. 

Opening the gate is pretty straightforward once you know where to go. Use the Stone Falls boat dock, right next to the gate—the big chain reaches across to this area. This next part will depend on the lake’s level when you arrive here. 

If you haven’t changed the water level, ignore the raised bridge on your right and pass through the open gate ahead of you. Deal with the enemies here, then look to the left of the gate you just passed through. You should be able to make out the disk holding the bridge so throw your axe to break it and drop the bridge. Then, return through the gate and jump across the bridge. Use the wheel immediately to your right to open the enormous gate ahead of you.

If the lake level is lower, keep climbing up until you reach a chain that takes you to an area with an iron gate and a raised bridge to your left—don’t worry, the path is pretty linear. From here, head over towards the bridge to find the wheel on your left. Interact with it to open the big gate. 

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Once you’ve opened the gate, jump back in your boat and sail down the newly-accessible Veithurgard Pass until you reach a place at which you can dock. Deal with more enemies here, then climb the cliff at the back of the area. Make your way past Brok’s shop and through the crawlspace beyond, following the most obvious path. You’ll eventually reach another lake with access to another boat. Congratulations, you’ve reached Veithurgard. 

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