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Where to find lily pads, air vents, and tires in Fortnite

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If you’re a quest-lover who wants to complete this week’s Fortnite challenges, we’ve got you covered on where to find air vents in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. Quick tip: head for the rooftops. Additionally, we’ll guide you through the easiest way to find lily pads and tires, so you can clear out this whole weekly seasonal challenge in a swift, singular drop. You’ll need to bounce on one of each to call this challenge complete.

Where are air vents in Fortnite? 

You can find air vents littered around many roofs in Mega City, one of this season’s high-profile drop locations in the southeast. Although you will probably find yourself in a scuffle almost immediately, you can land in this cyberpunk flurry of lights first and then get boosted right back into the air by a rooftop vent before you parachute away to safety. Or you could grind away at another challenge on your checklist nearby. Follow your heart and the loot. After you abscond you should head north to search for a nearby gas station with tires if you want to complete this challenge in one go.

Where can you bounce on tires in Fortnite? 

Once you’ve left Mega City, you’ll want to scour the map for a nearby gas station or trailer park with spare tires left outside. Tires are the most common interactable of this challenge, so while the ideal pathway is to search just outside of Mega City, you’re sure to find tires at most points of interest. 

If you died or were unable to complete this challenge in one go, don’t worry. You can jump on the tires, lily pads, and air vents in any order over multiple matches to get the rewards. Just keep an eye out for any structure with vehicles nearby and you’ll sure to find a rubber trampoline in no time.

Where are lily pads in Fortnite? 

You can find lily pads around the map at a plethora of water-based locations. For this aspect of the challenge I’d recommend heading to Steamy Springs, as it’s a named point of interest with guaranteed lily pads all around the area. Once you hop like a frog, you’ll have finished this seasonal challenge and earned yourself a heaping serving of 12,000 fresh XP.

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