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Where to collect cat food in Fortnite

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Fortnite Season 7 is rolling along great, despite the alien invasion. The new set of legendary challenges has you… collecting cat food cans? Sure. We’ll roll with it.

This is the final challenge of a five-part series of quests, so make sure to check our Fortnite guides page for previous challenges. Here’s where to place welcome signs for our beloved aliens, and here’s where to place boomboxes at Believer Beach.

You’ll need to collect two cat food packages to complete this challenge. Thankfully, there’s several you can grab, but we just went with two of the easiest locations to spot them.

Read on for where to find cat food in Fortnite.

Collect cat food: Dirty Docks

Near the south end of Dirty Docks, you’ll find a cat food package sitting next to a pallet of Meowscles-branded boxes on the right. This area also appears to be the favorite parking spot of a UFO, so watch out.

Collect cat food: Retail Row

You’ll find an identical cat food package in the north end of Retail Row, on the backside of one of the bigger buildings. Look for the parked truck trailer near a loading dock door.

Once you’ve collected both cat food packages, you’ll earn a nice chunk of bonus XP to further boost your battle pass.

Need more? Check out our Fortnite guides and news page, where you can find alien artifact locations, or how to board the alien mothership and get rare loot.

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