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Final Fantasy 7 remake mod restores Cloud Strife’s OG dress

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One of Final Fantasy 7’s most infamous scenes, which survived in the remake, is when protagonist Cloud Strife—along with Aerith and Tifa—has to wear a pretty dress in order to try and win the affections of mafioso slimebag Don Corneo. Turns out that Cloud looks pretty good in a dress, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake went the extra mile by including three outfits for each character that unlock depending on choices made elsewhere. But one dress was missing: the original.

Now, in what has to be one of the funniest mods I’ve ever seen, you can restore Cloud’s PlayStation 1 dress in all of its low-poly glory. The mod by Narknon (thanks, TheGamer) imports Cloud’s simple purple dress from the original game and upscales the textures, giving the quite incredible sight of a character from another era running through his own game’s remake.

Just look at this, even Aerith can’t believe it:

Unsurprisingly, outfits in general are a big focus of FF7 Remake mods, with a rather depressing number of them doing things like removing Tifa’s vest or putting Aerith in a ‘sexy dress.’ There’s some cooler stuff too: fans of Crisis Core might want to play through the whole game as Zack, or have Cloud in his outfit for that game. This is easily the funniest thing anyone’s done with the game though, its only competition being another wag who turned Barret’s silly gun hand into Mega Man’s Buster gun.

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