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Epic Games Store’s Black Friday sale is live now through Cyber Monday

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Black Friday deals are now a state of mind rather than a time frame, including in the Epic Games Store black Friday sale which has kicked off today. You don’t need to wait until the weekend to snag some pretty steep deals on recent PC games. Even some of this year’s releases are already taking on some pretty impressive price cuts, such as Hitman 3’s major 60% discount. Not just full releases either, but some early access games too, like the recently launched Darkest Dungeon 2.

Epic’s game catalog has continued to grow, so it’s boasting over 1000 games on sale at up to 75% off this year. Here are some quick picks for good discounts from this year’s offers.

In particular, Hitman 3 is a whopping 60% off at just $24, which is a real steal for a game we gave a 90% score in our Hitman 3 review. Holiday break is a great time to dig into some creative assassination ahead of those year two plans that Io Interactive just announced for early next year.


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Darkest Dungeon 2 is on the list also, with a token discount of 10% to $27 given that it only launched into early access at the end of October.

On the other end of the quality spectrum, there are a few big games that have been wanting for discounts. If you were one of the people who’d said you would wait for a discount before trying out the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 or Biomutant, now’s your shot. Both are 50% off—Cyberpunk 2077 for $30 and Biomutant also for $30.

You can find some of the steepest discounts, 60% and more, over in the under $10 section. Excellent strategy sim Frostpunk is in there for $9, Loop Hero, which many of us were quite into earlier this year, is also $9, or even the still excellent original Darkest Dungeon for just $5. There are plenty of other games there in the under $10 category that I’ve thought “I meant to play that” on the regular.

As a note, you may well see many of these same games discounted when the Steam Black Friday sale kicks off tomorrow. Hitman 3 and Darkest Dungeon 2, in particular, won’t be among them as they’re timed Epic Store exclusives.

You can snag all of those discounts and more in Epic’s black friday sale from today through Tuesday, November 30th. 

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