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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Dragon Age’s lovable tank Iron Bull is back—as a $160, eight-pound statue

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Dark Horse is best known as the publisher of classic comics like Hellboy and Sin City, as well as comic book adaptations of properties like Dragon Age, Star Wars, and The Witcher. They also sell collectibles, like this shelf-warping cast of Iron Bull from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The limited edition Bull is eight inches tall and weighs just under 8lbs, most of that weight presumably concentrated in his massive, screen-accurate powerlifter pecs. Inquisition’s breakout big boy would make a lovely addition to any office, bedroom, or even living room if you don’t have someone in your life to stop you.

I am personally the proud owner of one of Dark Horse’s Geralt of Rivia statues (in Bear School armor), and he’s everything I wanted and more. I did not pay $160 for him, however. My Big Geralt was a lowly Dark Horse Deluxe product as opposed to the super premium Dark Horse Direct embodied by Iron Bull. Dark Horse helpfully offers a payment plan for Bull starting as low as $36 a month, but if you’re even one day late they will repo your new friend and send you to ecommerce debtor’s prison. Buyer Beware. Pre-orders for Bull are currently open, with a limited run of 1,000 being produced.

If other Dragon Age characters are more your speed, there is a Varric Tethras also available for purchase, with a Morrigan coming some time soon as well. We’ve certainly come a long way from Dark Horse’s initial run of Dragon Age action figures way back in 2010. 

You’re certainly not starved for options in the high-end videogame collectibles space these days. Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line features some incredibly high-quality renditions of characters from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, and McFarlane has some more reasonably priced offerings for properties like The Witcher, Destiny, and Doom. 

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