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Where to collect a doomsday preppers guide in Fortnite

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Fortnite week 4 keeps the alien invasion-themed challenges rolling along. This week, players are searching for clues at Steel Farm, place missing person signs at Weeping Woods, and now the third stage. Players need to find a doomsday preppers guide somewhere in Fortnite’s map.

Thankfully, this doomsday preppers guide is just a normal-looking journal, and not one of those confusing magazines you see fashion models brandishing rifles and selling jerkey.

If you don’t know exactly where to look, this challenge can be pretty difficult. Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you. Read on for our full guide on where to find a doomsday preppers guide.

Doomsday preppers guide location

The doomsday preppers guide is located at the Hydro 16 water facility at the bottom of the dam in the southern portion of the map.

Head on inside to the ground floor of the building, and head for the northeast corner of the building. You’ll find a small office with a desk and few filing cabinets. The doomsday preppers guide is on the floor between the desk chair and a filing cabinet.

Simply interact with the doomsday preppers guide and you’ll complete the challenge.

That’s just the third stage of a five-part challenge set, so make sure to check back at our Fortnite hub for more challenge guides for week 4 and beyond. We’ve got alien artifact locations and this month’s Fortnite Crew skin.

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