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How to get Buzz and Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The winter Disney Dreamlight Valley update is now live, which means you can finally visit the Toy Story realm. It costs 7000 Dreamlight to unlock the new realm, so if you don’t have any left, you’d better get back to planting and harvesting crops, fishing, giving gifts, and whatever else you need to do.

Once you’ve unlocked the realm you’ll have a new quest to complete on behalf of Buzz and Woody, so here’s how to get started and make some new pals.

How to get Buzz 

You’ve Got a Friend in Me, and all you need to do is walk up a ramp to find Buzz. His speech is all mixed up because his batteries are dying, so you’ll need to find two AA batteries in Bonnie’s room. One can be found near the closet with the white doors, and the other under a yellow book.

Once you put the batteries in you have the option of flicking his switch to the left or right. Switch to the left for a nice Spanish Mode Buzz easter egg. After that, he’ll ask you to find some race track pieces. Some of these are long, rectangular pieces and others look like small brown LEGO pieces. They are very easy to notice and are lying on the ground around the room, so collect all 10 pieces to progress the quest.

The next step is to find the magic cactuses to raise pieces of the race track that aren’t elevated enough. Their pots look a little like lemon juices and are multicoloured. They’re easy to spot and will glitter when you’re nearby, so pick all five up. Next, head to the parts of the race track that are low to the ground and you’ll see glittery spots where you need to place them.

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Once placed, get out your watering can and wait until the track becomes highlighted and water the area. The cactus will spring up, elevating the track above you. After that, head to the ladder to the right of the ramp to the bed, and the cutscene will trigger, introducing Woody into the mix. To talk to Woody, climb up the ramp to the bed, then take a left at the footboard to climb onto the bed and over to the bedside table.

Woody and Buzz will then describe how Bonnie built a farm but somehow it was destroyed, so it’s up to you to recreate it. There are four pictures with gold stars on them to find around the room, and they can be found:

  • At the feet of the bedside table 
  • Inside the closet on the left 
  • On the bottom shelf of the table, next to the toy train 
  • On the right-hand wall of the room, above the track 

Once you’re done, you can take Buzz with you back to Dreamlight Valley and can place his RV wherever you like—as long as you have the 10,000 Star Coins available to build it. 

How to get Woody 

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Return to the Toy Story realm to help Woody rebuild the farm. First, you need to gather ice pop sticks and pipe cleaners. You can do so by using your shovel on the balls of paper with sticks and paper clips in them, and your pickaxe on the lollipops with bits of toy stuck to them. Toddlers are a real delight.

After that, give the materials to Woody and he’ll task you with finding five origami animals. 

  • A pink butterfly can be found to the right of the farm
  • An elephant can be found in front of the main track  
  • A turtle is in the closet, near the fold in one of the doors 
  • A penguin is hidden to the left of the toy oven behind some boxes
  • Another elephant is near the exit

Give them to Woody and he’ll place them on the farm. After that, head back to the Valley and you can place Woody’s carousel and start working on those friendship levels. 

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