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How to defeat the Predator in Fortnite

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Fortnite season 5 has introduced a ton of new characters from across gaming and Hollywood. The Predator, AKA the alien who dueled Arnold Schwarzenegger and hunted xenomorphs on Earth, is now a Fortnite skin, because of course he is. We’ve already gotten Kratos and Master Chief, so what’s a little alien murder?

The Predator is easily one of the most difficult bosses we’ve ever seen in Fortnite, for several reasons. Your first challenge will be finding the guy. We’ve whipped up this guide to show you exactly where to find Predator and how to defeat him. Good luck.

Predator location in Fortnite

You’ll find the Predator in the Stealthy Stronghold POI, but unlike other NPC characters and bosses, he will definitely be moving around a lot. Especially if other players try to take him out before you can.

A good place to start is the Predator ship in the northeast area of Stealthy Stronghold. Some players say they’ve had luck finding him there, but again, keep an eye out throughout the whole area.

How to defeat the Predator

Like we said above, the Predator is an exceptionally difficult boss character to defeat, especially if you’re going in solo. A full squad will probably make this fight much, much easier to manage.

But if you’re dead set on defeating him, here’s a rundown of his abilities:

Cloaking: Like in the movies, the Predator can turn semi-invisible to increase his stealth capabilities. You can still see the shimmer of his outline, so he’s not entirely gone from sight, but it’ll definitely make it harder to track him. He’ll only appear when attacking a player.

Leap: The Predator can leap through the air, and will tend to use this ability to flee from a battle he might be losing.

Speedrun: Reviewing footage of my personal fight with the Predator, it seems he’s able to run at a slightly faster speed than a normal NPC or player would. This makes him incredibly difficult to hunt down if you lose track of him.

Swipe: The Predator will use his wrist blade to swipe at the player for high levels of damage. He seems to do a 2-3 swipe combo that ends in a punishing uppercut. I noticed he tends to stick in place once he starts the combo, so if you back up quickly enough, this is a great opportunity to unload some damage into him with a shotgun.

The Predator also has a particularly large pool of health, so don’t be surprised if it takes 2-3 times the amount of damage to defeat him compared to a normal player or NPC. Or maybe that’s just my lack of skill.

Once you’ve defeated the Predator, he drops his cloaking ability as an equippable item. It lets you turn semi-invisible for roughly 30 seconds, which is incredibly helpful during late-game encounters.

If you need more, check out our Fortnite hub for guides to the latest challenges and news on the latest skins.

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