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Dead Cells crosses over with Castlevania in 2023

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New DLC for Dead Cells was revealed in The Game Awards 2022 pre-show tonight, and it mashes up the action-platformer with one of its classic inspirations in the game’s “biggest DLC to date,” coming in Q1 2023.

The coming DLC unfolds a new storyline in which The Beheaded is approached by Richter Belmont following the appearance of a strange, malevolent castle. Drawn by the promise of new loot more so than an ethical sense of duty, players will need to harness their utmost undead fighting skills to defeat the evil within. Packed with new loot, creative-but-deadly new weapons, loads of enemies begging for a stake through the heart and more.

Although Alucard and Richter appear in the trailer, it doesn’t look like they’ll exactly be playable characters. Return to Castlevania’s Steam page says you’ll unlock 20 outfits, “letting you roleplay as” these and other Castlevania characters.

14 new weapons are promised, including iconic Castlevania projectiles like the Cross and Holy Water (which perhaps you’ve hurled most recently in Vampire Survivors). You’ll show down with Death and Dracula, but the DLC will culminate in “Dead Cells’ most epic and ambitious boss battle yet.” Castlevania’s timeless music is also woven into the DLC, with 12 of the most recognizable tracks from Castlevania “reimagined in the style of Dead Cells.” 

No price has been listed for the DLC. Dead Cells’ three other DLCs have all been $5.

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